Clearview North September 2014 - Issue 154 - Page 57

doors&windows JOINERYSOFT PROVES A WISE MOVE FOR CHRIS SANDERCOCK When Leicestershire-based joinery workshop business owner, Chris Sandercock, examined software systems for bespoke joinery manufacturing three years ago, it was Joinerysoft he selected - for its ease of use, ability to calculate u-values and ability to simplify the flow of information to his growing team of joiners in the workshop. It proved a wise move. Three years on, and Chris freely admits that he and his team would definitely not want to go back and have to manage without it! The 2,500 sq ft joinery workshop, trading with the name Chris Sandercock, provides custom joinery throughout Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire. The company predominately manufactures doors and windows, but it also produces also stairs, conservatories, garden rooms or fitted furniture. The traditional workshop employs four full-time and two part-time joiners utilising modern tooling but it hasn’t gone down the route of CNC. Chris says he has never had an actual plan for business growth, but if customers are satisfied, word spreads further and wider and results in growth. He still very much values the hands-on time he personally spends in the workshop and for him, that is what it is all about. Investment in the business has always been a priority for Chris; however, as computer literacy is not a high priority for him, it took him some time to consider software. The catalyst came as the business grew; employing more joiners made it time-consuming for Chris to communicate all job details and manual quoting was taking up more and more time. Chris decided it was time to take the plunge before he got left behind in the technology race. He says, “Spreading the payments for JMS over several months made it easier to purchase and the two day training and installation was with a qualified joiner who was able to answer all my questions and got me up and running straight away.” With a wide variety of work that often includes listed buildings, Chris says, “I am able to change designs, section sizes, timber, glass, and fittings quickly and easily to suit individual requirements. This means that I can now offer a variety of options for customers with itemised prices for each variant.” Chris believes that this has helped him win work and customers cannot fail to be impressed with the professional quotes automatically generated by JMS, which include diagrams of each item in the job. To read more, visit Chris’s wife, Colette, who is a full partner in the business and responsible for bookkeeping, accounting and generally keeping the business on track, has noticed even more time savings in her workload than Chris. Chris comments, “I am now able to do all the quoting myself without Cole