Clearview North September 2014 - Issue 154 - Page 47

machinery What do Stuga customers like about Stuga? Stuga sawing and machining centres are well known for being easy to operate and easy to understand when it comes to keeping them going. In other words, they are not overly complicated and use simple systems with which most people can easily deal. They also tend to do exactly what they are claimed to do with regard to operations and output. It is easy for anyone to make inflated claims about machinery output and many do this, whereas Stuga will calculate output accurately and then guarantee it against measurable criteria. ‘they do exactly what they are claimed to do’ Friendly staff Stuga has a reputation for friendly staff and with a very low staff turnover, everyone gets to know how the company and the people work, which is reassuring. Software What is worse than software that doesn’t work properly and having to get a third party in another country to resolve this? Stuga software is written by Stuga staff and looked after by Stuga staff. Updates are free and always readily available. Liaison with First Degree and Business Micros is by Stuga. Back-up This is the key issue for most people. Stuga has a team of no less than seven geographically-based service engineers covering the whole of UK and Ireland. They are fully trained by Stuga and specialise in Stuga machines so are not expected to be experts on many different types, which is critical when it comes to getting them back into production as fast as possible when things go wrong. The field service team is backed up by in-house staff here in the UK, speaking our language and in our time zone, taking the same Bank holidays as us. The in-house team is able to monitor software issues and machine operation online as well as see each machine in the field as it works with onboard cameras that give sound as well as vision. These cameras can also be used to record events for later analysis. For further information on Stuga please call 01493 742348 and ask for machinery sales or visit and fill in the contact form. sawing & machining as it should be proven british innovation and engineering ZX3 autoflow2 ZX4 650 – 700 per week 400 - 450 per week 800 – 1,000 Special ‘VS’ version also available per week All models manufactured entirely in the UK from components resourced in this country Whatever your production output or budget requirements if you fabricate uPVC window or door frames we have the sawing and machining center for you. Stuga fully guarantee the output of their sawing & machining centers. Save Operators • save profile • Reduce Skills • Improve Efficiency, Quality and Consistency All models have rotary tooling, reusable offcut management, high frequency prepping heads, barcode and picture label printer and management analysis software. Routing on both sides of a profile simultaneously is standard on all models. Fully guaranteed factory rebuilds offered on all models subject to availability 01493 742 348 33535 HD Sawing & Machining A5 advert.indd 1 To read more, visit Machiner y 30/05/2013 14:39 SEP 2014 47