Clearview North September 2014 - Issue 154 - Page 41

INDUSTRYNEWS Start the week with Clearzine. • Every Monday. • Delivered to 14,000 industry emails. • Your weekly news portal. • Mobile-optimised. Your customers, your news... Tel: 01226 321450 THE EASY SOLUTION TO PVCu CLEANING Chemicals Direct New Conservatory Roof and Panel cleaner is a biodegradable, concentrated, multipurpose hard surface cleaner, suitable for use in many applications. It removes grease, grime, dirt, algae, bird droppings and leaf mould. It may be diluted between 10-1 and 150-I depending upon the degree of soiling. The patented 3 ltr container with its integrated spray bottle and stillage tap allows easy dispensing and compact storage. The sprayer allows easy application and pre-wetting prior to brushing or wiping and the stillage tap offers controlled dilution depending upon the intended application. It is totally safe to use on most surfaces including PVCu, paintwork, stainless steel, plastic, vinyl, ceramic and glass. Highly economical, non-abrasive and non-toxic, it is ideal for many uses within the home. Use on PVCu window frames, doors, soffits, fascias, patio furniture, verandahs and much more. With a recommended retail selling price of £14.99, this new product offers great value, cleaning power and versatility, all wrapped up in a very distinctive container providing an easy solution to PVCu maintenance. ‘offers great value’ Call 01270 500043. Chemicals-Direct-Ltd product review Conservatory Roof and Panel Cleaner This product, marketed by Chemicals Direct of Crewe, comes in an easy to use container with concise instructions and warnings, and is much more than just a conservatory cleaner. Its lack of abrasive properties means it will clean most of the conservatory and items of garden furniture, and, following carefully the full safety instructions I used it diluted at 75-1 (the middle one) for both my conservatory and garden furniture with positive results, as promised by the manufacturers. Having made the recommended preparations, I applied the solution as instructed using the brush and wiped the treated surface with a clean, damp cloth - and the results were impressive. A good product, more than fit for purpose. I must point out that it is a chemical and must, therefore, be treated with respect. Follow the instructions. They are clear and concise about product preparation, use and safety, such as avoiding contact details (eyes, skin) and keeping out of the reach of children. I also recommend storing the product in an upright position. Reviewed by Danny Basden. To read more, visit SEP 2014 41