Clearview North September 2014 - Issue 154 - Page 38

INDUSTRYNEWS illbruck proving to be a winner at all angles Following on from tremco illbruck’s successful FiT Show promotion ‘Have One on Us’, an initiative giving installers the opportunity to be trained free of charge in the use of illbrucks system designed to maintain the A-Rating of domestic windows when fitted, Clearview Magazine was invited to attend the installation training session of one of the promotion winners, Andy Glass Windows, Oxford. tremco illbruck is already a prominent supplier in the commercial window and construction market, offering a range of innovative sealant products for window installation, facade construction, and other internal and external building applications. The business recently took the decision to target a selection of their window sealant products towards the domestic window replacement market and utilised the FiT Show exhibition to showcase their range. Clearview travelled to Oxford to join Andy Glass Windows at their training and installation session. Andy Glass Windows has supplied and installed a range of commercial and domestic installations including windows, PVCu and composite doors, bi-folds, garden houses and house extensions in local areas around Oxford for the last 20 years. Andy Glass Windows chose to install triple glazed windows fabricated from the ‘Residence 9’ profile system. The flush fitting sash style system takes on the characteristics illbrucks Steve Wild leads the training session Positioning a pretaped window into position 38 SEP 2014 Old Windows coming out of a traditional 19th century sash timber window and was a great choice for the type of property being installing into, a stone built village hall, about the size of a domestic property. Clearview was also joined by illbruck Tremco’s marketing manager, Fraser Higgins and business development manager, Steve Wild. Fraser commented “The FiT show ‘Have One on Us’ Finished job promotion was a storming success, with a great deal of interest from many illbruck TP651 Trio installers coming on to the illbruck tape allows installers to fit stand to enquire about our seals the gap and forget their window or domestic market product offer, in door structures, reducing call particularly the Trio TP651 tape, and backs, and a similar system (illbruck associated products. i3) is proven in the commercial sector where “The TP651 Trio is used for sealing joints companies have been using illbruck sealants and corners around a window or door and on installations with great success for several gives amazing air-tightness which in turn years. offers excellent thermal insulating properties, illbruck’s technical staff has now carried maintaining the windows ‘A’ rating with no out visits to sites with more than 20 different leakage around the frame.” Steve continued. companies who responded to the exhibition Part of tremco illbrucks promotional offer promoti on, and the trials of the product have to the installer was to supply all their products been extremely well received. Installers are able free of charge for the training project and to compare the benefits that TP651 Trio gives give the installer on-the-job technical training over silicone sealing and current feedback is on how to apply the products and install the that the companies which have been given the windows. opportunity to trial the product will continues Steve explained the benefits of using TP651 to use it on other installations. Trio when installing a frame; “The TP651 Andy Glass Windows general manager Andy Trio not only offers a more thermal efficient Aspel, commented “The TP651 Trio tape was solution over the majority of silicone based an ideal solution for the particular installation sealants, it also allows the installer to install we were doing at Stanton St John’s village hall. the frames 20% quicker because of the way in illbruck had the perfect solution in order for which it is applied” us to fit the windows more quickly and with “TP651 is a pre-compressed sealing tape, minimal disruption. Illbruck’s technical staff comprising of open-cell polyurethane soft were superb, offering fantastic guidance and foam, which is then impregnated with flameknowledge. We were seriously impressed with retardant synthetic resin. The different vapour the products we used and will definitely be diffusion properties are achieved through a using them on our installations.” unique, one sided patented impregnation, it The TP651 Trio is suitable for most also utilises the properties of water-vapour domestic applications including PVCu and permeable sealing, making it less permeable Timber windows and the system is featured in on the inside of the application” their latest brochure ‘A-Rated Insulations for “The correct tape size is applied around Domestic Window Systems.’ the frame of the window or door and to the cills, before fitting to the aperture. The tape To find out more visit starts to expand once taken from the coil and en_GB/solutions or call 0191 419 0505, or expands to securely seal the frame within email minutes.” Steve concludes. To read more, visit