Clearview North September 2014 - Issue 154 - Page 18

DEAREDITOR TO APPROVE, OR NOT TO APPROVE? Approved installer schemes and networks have fallen in and out of fashion. But recently a number of Syscos have launched new schemes. The industry likes its badges, for sure. But the word ‘approved’ seems patronising to me. Who are Syscos to ‘approve’ fabricators and installers? And what do members get from such schemes? In my view, not a lot. Members get a badge to stick on their vans and website, some POS and a branded brochure that’s the same as their competitors. Some let members add their details on the back. Others promise leads for members to fight over with their competitors. ‘How does that help them stand out and sell?’ How does that help them stand out and sell? It doesn’t, in our opinion. In contrast, Deceuninck will not have an approved fabricatorinstaller scheme or network. Deceuninck’s strategy is to help fabricators and installers stand on their own feet with products that stand out, and help them sell using sales aids built around their own brands. We give them tools to generate their own leads, not share leads with rivals. That’s why we created the Deceuninck MyBrand marketing suite, so companies can choose the level LABC APPROVED? BUT NOT THE ONLY ONE! I was shocked to read a in the latest issue of Clearview (Conservatories, page 58) that – according to Ian Cowling of Pyramid Windows , the Guardian solid tiled roof system “is the only one on the market that has full LABC approval”. That is certainly not the case and I feel that making such a claim is totally misleading and that this fact should be pointed out in Clearview. Our Supalite Roof System has full LABC approval and I am attaching the certificate to prove it.* of personalisation they want using their own brand, colour scheme, photographs, copy and products so there is no possibility of them competing with anyone using the same POS. Our customers say Deceuninck is more than a supplier, because we partner customers to help them build their own business. ROB McGLENNON, Sales Director, Deceuninck. Voice your opinion *Clearview has received this certificate which verifies Mr Watters’ statement. LABC has confirmed to me that the Guardi an system was the only approved system until three months ago, when the position changed and both Supalite and Ultraframe systems both received approval. LABC points out that the situation changes from time to time and it is important for all companies to be aware of the latest information when designing their advertising and marketing information. Pat, Editor. Send your letters to stephanie@ DAVE WATTERS, Managing Director, Celtic Vista Limited THANK YOU FROM DIABETES UK I am writing to congratulate all your readers who completed the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 cycle challenge on Sunday, 10 August, and also to say thank you to those who cycled to raise money for Diabetes UK. The whole day was a huge success with almost 20,000 people finishing the 100 mile cycle race, including 150 people who were cycling for Diabetes UK. All the money that our cyclists have raised from the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 will help us make life better for the 3.8 million 18 SEP 2014 people with diabetes and those at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. It will help us to campaign for better services in the local area for people diagnosed with the condition, as well as helping us to find those who have Type 2 but do not know they have it. If you have been inspired by this year’s Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 then take a look at to sign up for a fundraising challenge of your very own. JO CUNNAH, Diabetes UK. To read more, visit