Clearview North September 2014 - Issue 154 - Page 16

DEAREDITOR Send your letters to At last, some common sense. COMMON SENSE ON TRICKLE VENTS? In an age where manufacturers are having to make massive changes to improve energy efficiency in smaller increments, we still have these ridiculous appendages which contribute only negatively to the aesthetics, energy efficiency, soundinsulation and draught proofing of windows and doors. The inventors must have known somebody very high up to get this through and into Building Regulations. They are deducted from energy rating calculations and sealed up for pressure testing - !??? Most people keep them shut so they are ineffective but still contribute to poorer efficiency ‘there must be better ways’ I’m sure I’m not the first to comment nor shall I be the last, but whether anyone in power is listening remains to be seen… no-one expects the Spanish Inquisition! permanent background ventilation, though roof-space/ underfloors etc. DAVID CLARKE, Director, Square Deals Ltd, York. and sound insulation. There must be better ways of ensuring What do you think? Let us know by writing to 16 SEP 2014 To read more, visit