Clearview North September 2014 - Issue 154 - Page 103

recruitment Ten Human Resources Social Media Recruitment Analysis There has been a lot of noise lately revolving around the concept of “Social Recruiting” – the ability to hire candidates through your company’s established social media channels. It is, however, puzzling to see such buzz around the topic of social recruiting with little data to support its effectiveness. An annual survey on the leading hiring channels of the year found that in 2012, only 2.9 percent of hires were attributed to being brought in through social media. Almost every company today has a LinkedIn® profile, Facebook® page and Twitter® channel and is posting and tweeting regularly. With a statistic of only 2.9 percent of hires coming from social media, it is difficult to believe that many job seekers are leveraging companies’ social outlets as a main or even secondary, source for job searching. TakeTwitter, for example. If I like a company, I may follow it on Twitter to receive company news and product updates - not necessarily F