Clearview North October 2013 - Issue 143 - Page 83

BUSINESSNEWS MORE UNIVERSITIES MUST SHARE RESEARCH WITH SMES The outgoing President of Europe’s largest engineering body is calling for more universities to give small and medium sized businesses open access to the intellectual property (IP) that they create. Professor Andy Hopper CBE is making the plea as he prepares to step down after his one-year term as President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Andy said: “Tax payers are already funding the creation of innovative intellectual property in our universities, so it seems reasonable that more of this is made available to UK SMEs that are best positioned to add value and commercialise it. “Universities should be encouraged and incentivised more to kick start the development of new technologies and products by openly assigning the required IP to dynamic British businesses at minimal extra cost. In return, maybe the university could get a one or two per cent shareholding, more of a goodwill gesture than a conventional transaction. This is all perfectly possible and is happening in a number of UK universities already.” Professor Andy Hopper, who heads up the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, believes this will be a big boost for the engine room of the UK economy, small and medium sized enterprises. He said: “With the success of so much future policy based around engineering and technology, I believe that it is time for the Government to draw more on the knowledge and experience of the UK’s best engineering talent at the highest levels.” PUTTING EDUCATION IN THE FRAME The VEKA UK Group has unveiled a new brochure dedicated to the education market, detailing the many products and services available to specifiers and decision makers within this sector. The Group has a strong, long-standing presence in the education field and this new brochure demonstrates a wealth of experience in designing and specifying for education. Featuring a detailed introduction to The VEKA UK Group, the document goes on to outline the wide range of VEKA and Halo products suited to education buildings. VEKA Sales and Marketing Director Colin Torley explains: “We decided to redesign and update our education brochure as part of our commitment to commercial fabricators - it gives them an even better sales tool with which to approach education clients. The VEKA UK Group has a huge range of high quality products which are perfect for the education sector including many that have only just been launched to the industry. “The new TwinSash, for example, can reduce sound levels by around 50dB and help make classrooms quiet havens for concentration. It means lessons won’t be disrupted by noise from outdoor play areas and sports fields.” To order a copy of the new brochure - email education@ or call 01282 716611. NMW ROGUES TO BE NAMED AND SHAMED Employers who fail to pay the National Minimum Wage (NMW) will be publicly named and shamed under revamped plans to make it easier to clamp down on rogue businesses, Employment Relations Minister Jo Swinson has ???V?6VB??F?R?Wr'V?W2&R'B?`?v?fW&??V?BVff?'G2F?F?Vv?V?W?V?f?&6V?V?B?bF?R??r?@???7&V6R6????6R?'????p?V????W'2?B?2??VBF?B&@?V&?6?G?v???&R?FF?F?????FWFW'&V?BF?V????W'2v????v?V?B?F?W'v?6R&RFV?FV@???BF??F?R??r?F??2?2???F??bf???6??V??F?W2?v??6??V????W'2?&VG?f6R?bF?W?f???F????r?( ?F?Vv?7F???( ????#"?2??$2?FV?F?f?V@?s3bV????W'2v???Bf??VBF???F?R?F????????V?vvP??VF??rF?F?R&V6?fW'??b *32????????V??BvvW2f?"?fW ?#b?Sv?&?W'2???7v??6??6?C???F?&VB??&R?f?6?Bwwr?6?V'f?Wr?V??6???( ????r?W72F??F?R????V?vvR?2???Vv???bV????W'2'&V??F??2?rF?W??VVBF????rF?@?vRv???F?RF?Vv?7F????bv?&?W'2fVV?F?W?&V?( ?@?vWGF??rF?R????V?vvRF?@?F?W?&R?Vv??V?F?F?VBF?F?V??F?W?6??V?B6??F7BF?Rg&VR?@?6??f?FV?F????Bv?&?&?v?G0??V???R????r#3c???6??2v???&R&VfW'&VBF???$0?F?7F?fV???fW7F?vFR?7W7V7FVB??????V?B?`??F????????V?vvR??5B#0???0???