Clearview North October 2013 - Issue 143 - Page 8

industrynews You Can Do It with Plastics From September, the British Plastics Federation (BPF) offices in central London will house an exhibition of iconic plastics objects curated by the Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP). Every 6 months a new theme will be introduced and the objects changed to reflect it. The first theme is ‘You can do it with plastics’ and demonstrates the incredible versatility of plastics under the headings: buoyancy, flexibility, recycling, enablement, colour, sustainability, living hinges and insulation. Professor Susan Lambert, Head of the MoDiP, said: “Plastics are capable of greater transformation than any other materials group. In this exhibition we wish to explore their design freedom and beneficial impact on society.” The showcases will have items taken from the MoDiP’s collection such as an electric hot water bottle made by R. A. Rothermel (circa 1945). This object is an example of plastics as a great insulation material. Illustrating sustainability, is the Team GB replica kit swimming trunks designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas, 2012, that contain 80% recycled Nylon. Plastics can be recycled into new products saving on raw materials and diminishing the need for landfill. Proud Sponsors of Hope 66 Ride A group of 15 riders, all from the glass and glazing industry, have cycled across the most famous road in America, Route 66, on behalf of GM Fundraising and Motionlab has shown its support as a sponsor of the two-week event. The creative design and marketing agency first became involved in the project when organiser Gary Morton asked the team to redesign the existing GM Fundraising website and logo. When also approached to be a shirt sponsor Motionlab showed no hesitation in saying yes. Each of the cycling tops worn by the team and their support crew carries the Motionlab logo. Motionlab has always supported charitable organisations, from Heal Africa, to local causes such as St Catherine’s Hospice. As well as aiding this needy cause with their digital work and sponsorship, Motionlab is also backing eight of their clients taking part; Dan Gill Residence 9, Gareth Mobley - Solidor, Richard Gyde - Mila, Andrew Glover - West Yorkshire Windows, Matthew Glover - Conservatory Outlet, Paul Godwin - FIT Show, Gary Morton & Mike Derham Mighton Products. The team exceeded their target of raising £100,000 for Hope House Children’s Hospices before they even set off from their start point in Chicago to begin the epic 2,616 mile journey due to an overwhelming flood of donations in the build-up. You can continue to donate to help the team reach its revised target of £110,000 at: https:// CELEBRATING 25 YEARS IN BUSINESS 2013 is a milestone year for National Plastics: the UK’s largest independent trade counter is celebrating 25 years in business. Such an anniversary would be reason enough for celebration, but the company also has another reason to crack open the champagne: it’s seen its highest ever sales to date this year and the trend looks set to continue. Managing Director Geoff Foster says, “We have grown exponentially in the past 25 years and we are very proud of our success. But we couldn’t have done it without our staff or customers and now is a good time to thank them for their loyalty and support.” 8 OCT 2013 “The most important thing our customers want is the ability to come in and buy what they need, when they need it. It sounds simple but having the right stock readily available is one of our key business objectives. And our group buying power means that not only can we give customers the range of stock they need, we can also supply it at a competitive price.” “We are lucky to have a solid team of dedicated people working with us, as well as a great network of suppliers behind us.” Tel: 01495 249838, info@nationalplastics., To read more, visit