Clearview North October 2013 - Issue 143 - Page 79

BUSINESSNEWS USE TOP FEMALE TALENT OR LOSE IT As the green shoots of economic recovery emerge, new CIPD research shows how urgent action needs to be taken by the corporate world to stem the leaking talent pipeline that could hinder the progress of growth. Building on the messages in a report from the Women’s Business Council published in June, it is clear that if business does not adopt flexible or innovative working practices, it will continue to lose impressive women who decide to set up their own businesses to achieve a better work-life balance. ‘Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs,’ the second report in a three part series by the CIPD on entrepreneurial practices, highlights that there are more than 2.4 million unemployed women who want to work and that if there were as many female entrepreneurs as there are male entrepreneurs, GDP could be boosted by 10% by 2030. Employers could have much to gain by creating the conditions in which these talented and committed women could thrive in the corporate world. Dianah Worman OBE, Public Policy Adviser at CIPD, said: “Employers need to act out of self-interest to broaden the pools of talent available to them and ensure they do not lose out on the skills, energy and passion women can bring to their workplaces if they were allowed to work more autonomously and flexibly. Source: Inspiring Female Entreprneurs, Proud to be a part of the UK’s most enterprising town As the industry’s leading systems supplier, The VEKA UK Group is understandably very proud to shout about its home and heritage; especially as the North Lancashire town of Burnley was recently voted the ‘Most Enterprising Area in the UK’ in 2013. The accolade, awarded through the Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, recognises and celebrates the range of business, enterprise and economic development work that has reshaped Burnley’s reputation. The VEKA UK Group is the area’s largest employer, and no stranger to being at the forefront of enterprising in its local town. Sales and Marketing Director Colin Torley explains: “As a founding member of the Burnley Bondholders scheme, which submitted the entry for this year’s awards, The VEKA UK Group has always promoted Burnley as a place for business. “We have been a huge part of Lancashire’s manufacturing heritage for 27 years, and during 2011, following the acquisition of the £58M Bowater Building Projects, we helped Burnley become home to the UK’s largest systems manufacturer. Burnley’s win for Most Enterprising Area in the UK is a fantastic accolade and we are unequivocally proud of our town for being recognised for that.” The VEKA UK Group, 01282 716611,, UK SMALL BUSINESSES ANTICIPATE RETURN TO GROWTH The latest “Owner Managed Business Barometer” research report from Bank of Cyprus UK has found increasing levels of optimism amongst Owner Managed Businesses (OMBs) about their medium term growth prospects. The research, which questioned over 500 business decision makers with ownership or part ownersh ??b'W6??W72v?F?fWvW"F??S?V????VW2?&WfV?VBF?B?V&?Gv?f?gF?2?b&W7??FV?G2?3?R?W?V7@?F?6VRw&?wF???6?W2?&WfV?VR?fW"F?R?W?BF?&VR???F?2?6??&V@?F?F??&B?3R??b'W6??W76W27W'fW?VB????V&???b?b???&W7??FV?G2?C?R?W?V7FVBF?6VRw&?wF??fW"F?R?W?B?V"??F?R7W'fW??6?6?VB'W6??W76W2??rF?W??B??vVBF?7W'f?fP?F?R&V6W76???6?f"?F?R???&?G??b&W7??FV?G2?S2R???F?6FVBF?@???????rgFW"F?V?"W??7F??r7W7F??W'2?2&VV??W?F7F?2??F?V? ??F?&VB??&R?f?6?Bwwr?6?V'f?Wr?V??6???7W'f?f??v?F???Rf?gF???R?&WfV??rF?W??B6??vVBF?V?"'W6??W70?f?7W2???&FW"F?&V???6??WF?F?fR??F?R&W6V&6??6?&WfV?2F?Bv???7B?6??b6??f?FV?6R??F?P?V6????6??F??VW2F?&RF?R???&'&?W"F?w&?wF?f?"?V&???b?`?'W6??W76W2?C?R????R??f?fR&W7??FV?G2?#R?W&6V?fR??&V?&'&?W ?F?F?V?"&??G?F?w&?rF?V?"'W6??W72?fW"F?R?W?B"???F?2??F????V???B&???b7?'W2T?6???V?FVC?( ?F?Rf?'GV?W2?`?6??RG&FW'2?"?v?W"???vVB'W6??W76W2&R?Vf????f?VV?6VB'??v?B?V?2??F?V?"??6?V6?????6??B?2??B7W'&?6??rF?B?f?7W2??7W7F??W"&WFV?F????&F?W"F??w&?wF???2&VV??W?F?F?V? ?7W'f?f??( ?wwr?&???f7?'W2?6??V????5B#0??s???