Clearview North October 2013 - Issue 143 - Page 78

ENERGYEFFICIENCY RESOURCE EFFICIENT HOUSE LAUNCHED Scotland’s Environment Secretary, Richard Lochhead launched the Resource Efficient House on the BRE Innovation Park at Ravenscraig in Lanarkshire earlier today. The house is one of the first projects to be delivered by the Scottish Government’s Resource Efficient Scotland programme, managed by Zero Waste Scotland, and built in partnership with Tigh Grian Ltd. The home demonstrates how the latest principles in resource efficiency and waste reduction can be applied in house building. Currently an average three-bed home built in Scotland can produce as much as 13 tonnes of construction waste, costing up to £500 per unit. The Resource Efficient House produced less than five tonnes of construction waste, with less than one tonne going to landfill. As well as facilitating sustainable living for occupants, the design of the house will ensure maximum recycling and re-use of products at its end of life. Environment Secretary, Richard Lochhead said “This house aims to be the most resource efficient in Scotland and is a great example of resource efficiency in action: showing how businesses and householders can benefit when we think carefully about how we use energy, water and materials. If every house in Scotland was like this then we would cut the amount of construction waste being sent to landfill and help make Scotland a more resource efficient nation.” Director of BRE Scotland Rufus Logan said ‘The Resource Efficient house is chock-full of the innovation our small country is world renowned for. This is evident in its design right down to the products materials and technologies it incorporates. The learning from this project will be of huge benefit not only to Scotland and the rest of the UK but to countries around the world who are being challenged to build with fewer resources.” Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste Scotland, said ‘The Resource Efficient House offers home buyers, house builders and indeed Scotland an innovative new approach to low cost housing, combining an affordable build and living cost with impressive ‘green’ credentials. But beyond this, what this model offers is a potential industry for Scotland, with jobs and economic benefits.” More information about BRE Scotland go to GREEN DEAL HELPING TO MAKE HOMES MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT The latest research shows that Green Deal assessments are continuing to help people across England and Wales make their homes more energy efficient. Research found that from a sample of households that had a Green Deal assessment, 81% of households have already, are in the process of or intend to install at least one energy efficiency home improvement. 56% of households have already installed at least one measure, a further 6% are in the process of having instalments, and 19% said they intend to have something installed. This new research also shows the range of different methods people are using to pay for work following a Green Deal assessment. Some are supported via the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and others are using savings or regular income. 78 OCT 2013 There is also evidence that an increasing number of households plan to use Green Deal finance, with 24% of those planning to install measures indicating they intend to take out a Green Deal Plan. ‘Completely new, ambitious and long term’ Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey said: “The Green Deal is a completely new, ambitious and long-term programme. It’s still early days but the results from this latest research really underline that people want to take action to make their homes warmer and more efficient, and to keep their bills down.” The research was conducted from a survey of 500 households that had a Green Deal assessment between 1st April and 30th June 2013. To read more, visit