Clearview North October 2013 - Issue 143 - Page 74

CLEARVIEW EXCLUSIVE INSTALLERSUPPORT Bigger Thinking: How Salestracker is transforming sales and marketing. As Insight Data launches its 3rd generation Salestracker, Clearview magazine takes a closer look at the system in an exclusive series of articles over the next three months that show how three people; a sales rep, marketing manager, and the sales/marketing director use Salestracker in practice. After years of recession most companies have become leaner and more efficient, tightly controlling budgets and investing wisely. It was in this environment that Salestracker was born, the sales and marketing software from Insight Data. Salestracker was designed by experts in the window industry as a tool to improve marketing results and drive sales performance across the trade, commercial and new-build markets. The system now has over 600 users, ranging from small fabricators up to international systems companies. Introducing Danny, the company’s top sales person. Danny is an experienced trade frame sales rep who spends his time between the office and on the road meeting customers. He has used databases and CRM systems in previous jobs, but quickly realised Salestracker was completely different. “The moment I logged on to Salestracker I saw the potential. The system is pre-loaded with potential customers; in our company we subscribe to installers and local builders, and with installers I know which profiles they use, what products they buy and even volume.” Danny’s company use Salestracker to manage their customer relationships and target new business, and because the system is all online, Danny can access it from any internet enabled device including his laptop and iPad. Salestracker uses a lead management tool and sales pipeline, so Danny always knows what leads he’s had, where they’ve come from, what progress he’s making and potential value of his pipeline. “Every lead is recorded and Salestracker gives me my sales conversion rates and even tells me how long it takes me to convert leads into customers!” During the day, Danny leaves Salestracker running on his 3G iPad, so he’s got instant access to information. “After a meeting I update the customer record on Salestracker so the rest of the team are in the loop, which means I’m not wasting hours on paperwork. The Task Manager is really handy, I can allocate a task to Jenny in our office to ask her to forward some brochures for example, and Salestracker lets me know when it’s been actioned or becomes overdue.” Salestracker helps Danny stay ‘sales organised’. The Task Manager gives him an overview of tasks assigned to him, either sent from the office or his own reminders, and keeps his finger on the pulse with tasks he has created for other people. “It also means when I’m speaking to various customers on the phone during the day, I can add notes and tasks straight into Salestracker, so I don’t forget to follow up.” Cold Calling Inevitably, some meetings don’t go according to plan. Customers can run late or cancel at short notice, which isn’t great when you’ve travelled 100 miles. But this isn’t a problem for Danny, who uses the time productively. “If I arrive for a meeting early, or it needs to be rescheduled, I turn this into an opportunity. I use Salestracker to build a list of prospects in the area, for example all Rehau installers fitting 25 – 50 windows per week within 10 miles of Bedford. It gives me the key decision makers, and I can phone them to explain I’m in the area, or simply pop in with a brochure pack and business card. Knowing what products they offer and system they use helps me get my pitch spot-on.” “The bottom line is that Salestracker helps me smash my sales targets. I have my finger on the pulse with my customers, prospects and sales pipeline. I can easily target new customers and make sure I stay on top of everything.” Next month we’ll be taking a look at how Salestracker is used by marketing people to manage campaigns, generate sales leads and improve customer service. If you’d like to know how Salestracker can help your sales and marketing, contact Insight Data on 01934 808293 or email In the field “The Salestracker dashboard gives me a snapshot of everything I need; my customers, prospects, leads, tasks and sales pipeline. I plan two or three weeks ahead, scheduling customer visits, meetings with prospects, and put in some time for cold calling. Before visiting a customer I check their details on Salestracker - I can see what’s been happening, who has spoken to them, view documents attached to their account, and be aware of any problems.” 74 OCT 2013 To read more, visit