Clearview North October 2013 - Issue 143 - Page 72

INSTALLERSUPPORT Uncertainty regarding ‘Certified Installer’ changes quelled Government led changes that will affect installers in the glass and glazing industry are being miscommunicated and misrepresented, according to the Managing Director of a leading installer support scheme. New requirements set out by the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) dictate that installers have to transfer their existing registered companies from self-certifying, under the existing competent person scheme, to being certified under a revised system. Effectively, from June 2014 installers and surveyors will need to be registered with this new scheme, which is being rolled out to raise standards within the industry. The Consumer Protection Association (CPA) has been following the changes closely, and its Director Jeremy Brett says that installers need to start thinking about the changes now; and ignore the misinformation. Jeremy comments: “There has been some misinformation regarding the changes, with some installers being incorrectly told that they will need to take NVQs from June 2014 and that selfcertification is onerous and just more red tape for installers. “Yes, there is paperwork that will need to be filled in but in the long run the transition will just raise standards further in the industry and if you have been an installer for over a certain period of time you may be able to demonstrate ‘grandfather’s rights’ and competency; so there will be no new qualifications to take or assessments to go through. “As we understand, it is simply not true that NVQs are mandatory for all installers, in order to become a certified installer under the new scheme. “Essentially, it is only new installers that may need to gain new qualifications and existing work that is being undertaken won’t suddenly be taken away from them post June 2014. Sensibly, government is looking at a transitional process.” Between now and June 2014, installers will receive notification regarding the transition. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) The CPA provides Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBGs) and deposit protection to installers carrying out home improvements. “We’re committed to raising standards within the industry for both installers and consumers and therefore we welcome the changes that we feel will be a force for good,” Jeremy concludes. For more information call The Consumer Protection Association on: 01462 850062 ASBESTOS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED The British Lung Foundation (BLF) has launched ‘Take 5 and Stay Alive’, a major campaign designed to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos amongst tradespeople. Every week, on average, 20 tradesmen die in the UK from exposure to asbestos making it the single greatest cause of workrelated deaths. Although it is now illegal to use asbestos, this ban was only imposed in 2000 – meaning any building built or renovated before then could contain asbestos. Research shows that there is a worrying lack of information and training amongst small employers and sole traders, with workers not seeing it as a big risk or worrying about losing jobs and money if they raise concerns, and not ????v??r??rF??FV?F?g?6&W7F?0??Bv?BF?F??bF?W?f??B?B?s ???5B#0??v?V?F?7GW&&VB?B????VB??6&W7F?2f?'&W26?6W6R&?vP??b????W76W2???6?VF??rF?RFW&????6?W7B6?6W"?W6?F?V????F?P?F?????f?6?&?R'F?6?W27F?6?F??6??F?W2??V???rF?B2vV??0?&?6???rF?V?"?v??fW2?v?&?W'0?6?&RV????v??v?WGF??rF?V? ?f???V?&W'2?6???VwVW2?@?g&?V?G2B&?6??F?R$?n( ?2F?RR?B7F???fR6??v???2F?V?7W&P?G&FW7V??R?fRF?R???v?VFvP?F?7B6fV??B&W7??6?&???V?7W&??rF?W?6??FV?F?g?6&W7F?0??BFWFW&??Rv?BG?R?B?2???B76W72v?WF?W"F?W??fP?F?RG&????r?BWV??V?BF??FV?v?F??B6fV??'&?F?6??V?p?f?V?FF???6??VbW?V7WF?fRG ??V???v??G26?C?( ?Gv?6R0????V??RF?Rg&??6&W7F?7&V?FVB????W76W2F????F?R&?G0?V6??V"??'&?F???BF?P??V?&W'2?bFVF?276?6?FVBv?F???B&R&?6??rV6??V"??( ?'WB?N( ?2??B?W7BG&FW7V??P?WGF??rF?V?"?v??fW2B&?6???`?6&W7F?2?2F?7GW&&VBF?R'F?6?W0?6?ffV7B?F?W'2F????BvR???p?6WfW&?v??V?v???fRF?VBgFW ??V'2?bv6???rF?V?"?W6&?G>( ??6??F??FVB?fW&??2?( ??W"F?P?R?B7F??fR6??v???0?F?v?fRG&FW7V??RF?RF???2F??7B&W7??6?&???W"?W76vR?0?6???R?F???r?W7Bf?fR??WFW0?F?76W72F?R6?GVF???6?V?B6fP???W"?fR??B?VW??W"f????g&?V?G2?6?V?G2?B'W6??W726fP?g&??W??7W&RF??FV?F???fF??6&W7F?2GW7B?( ?f?6?Bwwr?F?SV?G7F??fR??6??F?f??B?WB??&R?F?&VB??&R?f?6?Bwwr?6?V'f?Wr?V??6???