Clearview North October 2013 - Issue 143 - Page 70

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS PARTICULAR ABOUT WARM EDGE SPACER BAR Foulger & Childs says it is one of the leading suppliers of PVC-U windows, doors and conservatories in the Bedfordshire area. The company specialises in high end installations and A rated windows and insists on sealed units with SWISSPACER warm edge spacer bars inside. SWISSPACER is the best performing foiled warm edge spacer bar in the world and is ideal for energy rated windows. Co-owner Mark Childs says: “We only buy sealed units with SWISSPACER because it gives us peace of mind. SWISSPACER is an excellent quality spacer bar – it’s rigid and doesn’t warp in extreme weather conditions. It gives the best energy ratings and long term performance, so we don’t need to worry about our energy ratings dropping.” Foulger & Childs reports strong sales in 2013. Mark Childs says its success is down to providing high quality windows for bespoke installations. He adds: “We do a number of high end projects and aesthetics is important. With SWISSPACER, you’re not just getting great performance, it looks good too. We use its black spacer bar because it gives clean lines in the window.” For further information visit or call 0845 601 1265. NEW FITTING SIZES Thermoseal Group1, manufacturer of Thermobar and Thermoflex warm edge spacers and leading UK insulated glass component supplier2, has introduced new sizes to its range of Duplex fittings for Thermobar warm edge spacer. Previously available in 11.5x15mm and 15.5x15mm, the range of Thermobar Duplex centre keys and edge keys has been expanded to include fittings in 11.5x18mm and 15.5x18mm. All sizes are available in Black, Grey, and Neutral colours. The new sizes have also been designed to be dual function, as they will be compatible with Thermobar muntin bar/interbar, which is currently being developed in-house. Sales Director Mark Hickox comments: “Thermoseal Group is dedicated to extending the range of compatible fittings available for our premium quality products. The expansion of this range will benefit our customers by providing greater flexibility and choice when manufacturing warm edge units. “Over the past few years we have witnessed an increasing demand for warm edge spacer, and this is only likely to increase as manufacturers’ strive for ever higher Window Energy Ratings. With this in mind we are committed to meeting our customers’ requirements for warm edge products and increasing the range of bespoke Thermobar fittings that we supply.” Call 0845 331 3950 (Intl. +44 (0)121 331 3950) or visit THE HARDWEARING CHOICE IN HARDWARE Since switching to Sealco, Scotland’s largest independent hardware distributor, “We have not had to replace a single tarnished handle,” says Thistle Windows’ Trade Director, Andrew Cadman. Based in Aberdeen, the majority of Thistle Window’s customers live in coastal areas where tarnishing and corrosion from the weather are common problems. Thistle Windows tried several different handle manufacturers but found that within months, if not weeks, of installation they had to visit customers again to replace window and door handles. Andrew Cadman added: “Thistle Windows had worked with several different handle manufacturers but was still looking for a product that exceeded their expectations in quality and performance. “The potential for corrosion problems as a result of the s [?]\??Z[??[??[??YY?\?[?^\??Y[?[?\??YH????\????\??]?[??B?\?[????[????H?X[???H]?H??Y??\X?HH?[??H\??\?Y?[?K??'B??????? ? L????[??\?H?[???[???[?\????H?X[??\?H?????[???\?\?[??H???S? M???]?YH?]?HZ[?Y?[?\?\?[??YH??\??]Y?[?\?\?^H\?H?X?H\?Y? ?K ?X?\?[?\??\?][?[??Y[???YH?][?[\?\??]?H ?HYX\??X\?[?YK????N? L? ?L ?L [XZ[?[????X[??\???[? ???KBB??X????˜?X[??\???[? ???Z????XY[?K?\?]????X\??Y]?]Z???B??