Clearview North October 2013 - Issue 143 - Page 68

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS TRIPLE GLAZING AT HALF THE COST The team at Dual Aspect Glass tell all on how they have invented, patented and successfully bought to market an innovative new decorative glass for composite doors… Dual Aspect Glass has now firmly established itself as pedigree supplier of decorative glazing for composite doors. It has now formed successful supply partnerships with many of the key door manufacturers. It is the firm belief of the company that many purchasers of decorative door glass are hungry for something different and above all are looking to save money and be more competitive in a particularly tough climate. 68 OCT 2013 Jeremy Town, Managing Director, of Dual Aspect comments, “We have put an incredible amount of resource and investment to ensure that our decorative door glass is of an unsurpassed quality. We have recently subjected our resin bevels to a 10 year UV cycle and our product remains clear and does not yellow. We have also recognised the need for innovation and want composite door suppliers to know that we are the company that not only will bring something new to them but will also beat prices on many of their current decorative styles including resin bevel, triple glazed, lead and bevel, fusion and screen prints.” The company now has a wealth of exclusive decorative designs being promoted in the market, ensuring that their door customers not only have something different but furthermore they are able to develop increased loyalty from their customers. So often one composite door brochure looks the same as another, many times with the same components and glass. For the majority of customers now purchasing from Dual Aspect this was not a satisfactory arrangement, with most being enormously frustrated that margins were being compromised and unique selling points no longer appeared to exist. Mr Town elaborates, “We take the time to sit down with prospective customers and dissect specifically what kind of exclusive package will best maximise results for them in the long run. Often great savings alone can be realised on existing glass styles but we are keen to look at new ideas with them and often can come up with totally new concepts to give them an edge.” Such innovation includes RAL colour match decorative glass, where selected bevels or areas of a decorative design can be exactly matched in colour to the door. This means for the first time revolutionary decorative glass designs are being produced in Duck Egg Blue, Chartwell Green, Grey and indeed any RAL match required. To ensure a perfect match Dual Aspect Glass also offers a complete spray system for in house spraying of the composite doors known as ‘Doorshield’. The system is of the highest quality and binds to the surface of the GRP door slab. The impressive combination of these two new products is a ‘must see’ for any user of composite doors. Perhaps topping the crown of the Dual Aspect G ????????????????????????????()????????????????????????????????a??)?????d??M????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????Q????????????)????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????)5?Q????????????q]?????????)??????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????%???????????)??????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????????)??UX?????????t)Q?????????????q=????????????????)????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????)?????????????]????????????)???????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????????)?????]?????????????????????????????)?????????????????U,???????????????)???????????????????????????????t) ?????????????????????()Q??????????????????????????????((