Clearview North October 2013 - Issue 143 - Page 59

HARDWARE&SECURITY A BIG PLUS Leading hardware supplier Kenrick has unveiled the latest product to join the family of Centurion shootbolt locking systems. Centurion Plus has been created to combine the very highest levels of security and smooth operation for the homeowner with speed of fitting and flexibility for the window fabricator. Each sash benefits from a robust unhanded die-cast central gearbox and extra adjustable steel mushroom cams to provide adequate compression and security on the window. Six locking points provide even greater security along the window. Available in backsets of 20mm and 22mm, the system is Secured By Design approved and offers BS7950 standard security. Centurion Plus has been successfully tested to more than 100,000 operations of opening and closing the window. It has also been successfully tested to more than 240 hours of intense salt based corrosion to exceed the requirements of BS7412. Steve Williams, Kenrick’s sales and marketing director, says: “Centurion Plus has been engineered to provide extra security, whilst being easy to use. And just like the original Centurion, there are just a few components per window so it is extremely quick and simple to install, thus enabling fabricators to maximise profit margins without compromising on quality.” Tel: 0121 553 2741, email:, Website: INTEGRAL PARTNER IN THE LAUNCH OF FIRST DEDICATED RETAIL SHOWROOM HOPPE (UK), the manufacturer synonymous with innovation, quality and performance in hardware for the architectural and window and door sectors, is delighted to be an original working group member of the Distinction Doors retail showroom concept that’s just gone live and looks set to take sales of composite doors in the UK by storm. Stewart Lamb, HOPPE’s National Sales and Marketing Manager comments: “We were delighted to see the concept come to life at the recent opening of the inaugural showroom at Nationwide Windows. We’ve been working closely with Distinction Doors for a while now with the single objective of making the world of composite doors a lot more interesting. Initially spotting potential for our premium Designer Door Handle Range, Distinction and HOPPE are now working closely together to develop further high end hardware solutions to help add value and differentiate on behalf of customers. The official opening of the pioneering retail showroom at Nationwide Windows was the culmination of this first step.” Dave Gomersall, Distinction Door’s Operations Director, comments: “The Designer range is a top quality product from a top quality brand and we’re delighted to be working with HOPPE.” For HOPPE (UK) Ltd visit or call 01902 484 400. CELEBRATING THE BENEFITS OF AN EXCELLENT PARTNERSHIP When you’re looking for a supplier, you’re looking for a business you can build a long term partnership with while adding value to your own business. One example of such a relationship is the one between Britannia Windows and hardware manufacturer, the Trojan Group, who have now been working together for over ten years. Britannia Windows is based in Clevedon in Somerset. Founded in 1980 it ?2w&?v?F??&V6??R??R?bF?R&?vvW7B??Vf7GW&W'2?@???7F??W'2??F?R6?WF?vW7B?F?R6????v?&?0???F?R&WF???G&FR?B6???W&6???&?WG0??F?&VB??&R?f?6?Bwwr?6?V'f?Wr?V??6????B??Vf7GW&W2?g&?W2W"vVV??F?P?'W6??W72?2V????VB6?v??f?6?Bw&?wF???F?P??7BfWr?V'2??BGW&??fW"?2&?6???p?*3#V???v?V?6?VBf?"F?R6V7&WB?b??26????( ?0?7V66W72???v??rF?&V7F?"??FV?'W6?F????6?2?( ?vR7W?vV??V?v??VW&VB?vV???FP?&?GV7B7W?VB??F??R?BBF?R&?v?B&?6R?N( ?2F?R6?R&??6??W22G&????( ?'&?F???W&6?6W2?G2v??F?r?BF?? ???F?W2?F??"???vW2?B?WGFW"?FW2g&??G&????66?&F??rF???FV??F?R&?GV7G0?&R( ?vV???FW6?v?VB?vV???V?v??VW&VB?V7?F?????7F???B6??Rv?F????rFW&?wV&?FVR?6????R6?f?B?Bf?&vWB?F?R&?GV7BV?G??0?&W???BF?V'B?( ?f?"G&?????Vf7GW&??rw&?W??FVB??FVâ?#"s2?32????V??â??f?G&????&Gv&R?6?????vV'6?FS?wwr?G&????&Gv&R?6????f?"'&?F???v??F?w2?T???FB????FVâ#sR?s?S2?f??#sR3C33B??V??â??f?'&?F???v??F?w2?6??V?????vV#?wwr?'&?F???v??F?w2?6??V????5B#0??S???