Clearview North October 2013 - Issue 143 - Page 43

DOORS&WINDOWS " S DoE s "SMAingHorsD Price fold On Smart Bi- INTERNET expert The Consultancy has emphasised the importance of a digital presence in the windows and doors industry after statistics revealed that three out of four potential customers log onto the Internet every day. The official figures, from the Office of National Statistics, show that daily internet use has doubled from 35% to 73% since 2006. And a staggering 92% of 25-35-year-olds regularly buy good or services online. Richie Thornton, Director at The Consultancy, a specialist in digital sales and online communications in the windows and doors industry, is not surprised at the figures but said firms who do not have online ordering or quoting systems are being left in the dark ages. He said: “The industry has come a long way since the 80’s and 90’s when you got the traditional salesman turn up with a briefcase and a mountain of brochures and take hours going through the whole process. “Customers are a lot more educated these days and have the ability to research companies and communicate with others at the click of a button, particularly price checking a lot more, especially in the current climate. They can also visit social media sites and learn about a company’s reputation, good or bad.” The digital revolution has not been confined to the younger generation either. Statistics show that daily internet usage by the over 65s has jumped massively over the past seven years. In 2006 just over 9% reported using the internet every day compared with today’s figure of 37%. Richie believes that it will become the norm for customers to have chosen their products before they make any contact with the companies. Systems will become fully automated from the point of sale, through the invoicing process to the manufacturing and delivery. He continues: “The glazing and door industry was never traditionally at the forefront of the digital revolution but thankfully the majority now know that to compete they must have a good online presence. That does not necessarily have to be an expensive high-end website, there are plenty of lower cost solutions. For example, we offer packages through which start at under £800.” For more information, visit or call (01429) 239689. To read more, visit om -FOLD DOORS fr BI 75+VAT per Sa sh £3 PRICE CHALLENGE! Compare us today. We will not be beaten on price. PRICE EXAMPLE SURVEY SHOWS 92% OF GLAZING CUSTOMERS ARE ONLINE launched l of our newly llenge us ce Smash on al Pri old doors, cha give luminium Bi-F SMART A d we will even r your quote an WOW! on price fo ur ?rst door ... u 10% OFF* yo yo 10% OFF* your first door now • SMART Architectural Premium Aluminium • A choice of RAL colours • On-site delivery available • Low Threshold Options • Quick Turnaround from quote to delivery • Log online to view our new EZI Door Quote System Call Nigel 0844 335 1226 Fax 0844 335 1227 *Offer open to new customers on ?rst order. Not applicable to glazing and delivery charge. OCT 2013 43