Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 93

colour The Seal of Approval on Colour Managing Director of Kolorseal, Debbie Hendry, says it’s the service offered by Kolorseal that really makes them stand out from other colour coaters, as well as the guarantee offered on their work: “We say when we will make delivery and we stick to it,” she explains. “We can collect from and deliver to any location,” Debbie continues. “Whether our customers require us to collect from their premises or prefer to drop off themselves. We then colour their products and return them regardless of the size of the job, be it large commercial projects or just one window or door at a time.” Kolorseal colours PVC windows, doors, conservatory roofs and composite door slabs for fabricators and installers nationwide. They offer all many colours from RAL or BS colours to Dulux or Farrow and Ball colours. Kolorseal also offer a bespoke colour matching service and can even offer one colour internally and another externally. In addition, Kolorseal are experienced in colour coating ancillaries and roofline products such as trickle vents and end caps, fascias, soffits and guttering. In some cases, Kolorseal will be asked to colour ancillaries to match the coloured foiled products available. “Colour matching foiled products is just one of the many benefits of colour coating that our fabricator and installer customers really appreciate,” explains Debbie. “Colour coating also allows fabricators and installers to offer their customer an infinite choice of colour and shorter lead times, compared to other bespoke colouring options.” To ensure consistency in service levels and quality of the fin \Y؈ܜX[\H۝[[\HZ[[]Y]]X\]Y\[\\ˈ8'H۝[X[HZ[\Y[[\Xو8&\XH[]\H^[[x&H[[[H\\H۝[X[H[[H]H[[\ݙHH^HH] 8'HXYH^\ˈ8'\Y[[\]H\H[\HH\]]H[ٙ\H[\]X[]HX[ۈ][[XX[]K[]\Yۈ[YK]\H[YK'H܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋH[ NL M MH[XZ[[\ܜX[ ˝Z܈\]˚ܜX[ ˝Z‚ԔPS L ̌ L LNHYH BH[و\H \\]\•H[\[\[Y\ܛٛ[\܈[\]][KHٙ\H[\K\] []\H\XB L^H\\[[YH^H][H[S Д\ \X][\XHU\XHX\[YY[ܜ ۜ\]ܚY\\X\ٙ][\ Z[]\X‚S NL M MV NL [Hܚܛ[Y\]؝\K\[ܚ\HьLRH[XZ[[\ܜX[ ˝Z‚˚ܜX[ ˝Z‚XY[ܙK\]˘X\Y]]Z˘BHPVH LTQHӔԑQHTQVL‚