Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 92

colour Beware of Imitations David Kershaw, Director of Kolorbond and Technispray, explains the benefits of painting PVCu frames to achieve beautiful colour… “There has been a surge in the popularity of coloured frames and there are lots of options available. Architects and discerning customers are looking for something different in the way of colour, something that is original and bespoke to them, and this can only really be achieved by using specialised paints. “Foiled frames are very nice and definitely have a place in the market, but foils can’t cover all of the PVCu profile. Although there may be colour inside and out, the reveals of the frame remain white. Kolorbonding a frame overcomes this problem. “Manufactured in the UK by Technispray Paints, Kolorbond is a special coating designed to paint PVCu and other hard plastic such as ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic and polyester powder coatings. Unlike most paints, which try to stick to the substrate, Kolorbond forms a molecular cross bond with the plastic surface. “To enable the production of coloured window frames, coloured doors and coloured conservatories, thousands of colours are available. Kolorbond is available in all standard RAL and BS colours. We also match to all other colour systems and popular paint colours. Additionally, we have a specialist colour matching service, second to none, which allows us to match non-standard colours from supplied colour samples. “When correctly applied to PVCu window frames, doors, conservatories and fascias. Kolorbond is guaranteed to adhere to the plastic for a minimum period of 15 years.* Kolorbond is extremely colour stable and resistant to UV. It is guaranteed to hold its colour, without excessive fading. The surface of window profile is protected from UV degradation by the application of Kolorbond and is used in tropical countries for this purpose as well as being decorative. “Kolorbond does not contain lead, cadmium, zinc, formaldehyde or isocyanates so is kind to the environment and safer for the workers who apply it. In addition to Kolorbonding new window frames, Kolorbond is widely used to regenerate old and tired frames, giving them new vibrant colours and protection. “There are products on the market and painting companies that pretend to be or use Kolorbond. Although we find this flattering, customers must be aware. There is only one Kolorbond, don’t settle for less.” Call 0121 326 8020, email info@kolorbond. or visit STAND OUT IN THE CROWD KOLORBONDING your PVCu Profile For beautiful colours guaranteed to last insist on Tel: 0121 326 8020 Fax: 0121 327 1507 92 THE MAY 2013 ISSUE SPONSORED BY DURAFLEX To read more, visit