Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 90

colour CLEARVIEW EXCLUSIVE Credentials of Colour Carlac has been the leading expert and specialist distributor of automotive paint and materials since it was established in 1969 by the mother of current Managing Director and Owner, Neil Firth. But as the trend for coloured window frames, doors and conservatories continues to increase in popularity, as a way for fabricators to differentiate their products, Carlac has found that it’s skills and expertise can be used to add value to their processes. Carlac is very well positioned and more than qualified to offer its services to the fenestration industry. The automotive industry, after all, has very high standards and the quality of the finished product has to be very high. Just as a car owner takes pride in the appearance of their car, so does the homeowner in the appearance of their house. Ultimately, a person’s car and home becomes a reflection of themselves and homeowners, just like they do their car, are beginning to use the colour of their windows and doors to reflect their personality and individuality. Carlac is experienced in delivering the really high quality finish and end result that is required by discerning car owners and homeowners alike and offers a massively diverse range of colours including metallic and pearlised finishes. Similarly, service level expectations in the automotive industry are also very high and a free of charge, next day delivery service for Carlac is a given and it believes it can offer added value to fabricator customers. This was certainly the consensus of opinion from the people Neil spoke to at the FIT Show. “It seems that similar suppliers in these markets have only one depot in the UK. They take orders and ship products by carrier but customers tend never to see anyone from these companies and lead times can vary. On the other hand Carlac has 4 branches nationwide so that we can operate an efficient next day delivery service at no extra charge. We also have 3 technical and training supervisors that visit every customer to offer superior service levels and technical support. “We speak to our customers initially to find out what processes they use as well as what equipment and what colours. On most occasions we can advise on improved equipment and ways to improve processes that can speed up drying times and improve the aesthetics of the end result. More often that not, this will save money for the customer or increase their production capacity.” “We have found it very refreshing to visit window, door and glass companies where we can speak directly to the decision maker who has the freedom to choose. They have been very receptive and open to new ideas. That’s why we are always up-to-date on the very latest technology and new techniques that are both cost effective and quicker. That way we can always bring something new and beneficial to our customers.” Where colour is a differentiator, Neil’s message to the window and door industry is clear: “Anything you see on a car, we can bring to your industry. This of course includes all RAL and British Standard colour and other popular ranges. “In order to get away from a market that just competes on price fabricators need to offer added value and products that are original and unique. That is the same for us at Carlac.” Carlac has an excellent track record of longevity and growth, expansion and development. It is now taking this knowledge and experise to share with other industries that can benefit. As one of the top 10 UK automotive paint distribution companies, Carlac has longstanding relationships with the international paint suppliers. Furthermore, customers of Carlac benefit from its training in Leeds where Carlac’s technical experts offering training to its customers. Training can also be carried out onsite at its customer’s premises. Where there might have been a perception that automotive paints are expensive, Neil reassures that this is no longer the case, “The latest technology and products for glass and PVCu is very cost-effective. It would be no good us offering old technology paints, designed 25 years ago. There’d be no added value in that. Instead we are bringing specialist coatings and colours from world leading manufacturers. Logistically for us, there is no order too big or too small. We have the capacity to offer a next day delivery.” For an initial consultation to discover the added value Carlac can bring to your coloured frames, email mattbotha@carlac. or call 01132 244000 and speak to Matt direct. 90 THE MAY 2013 ISSUE SPONSORED BY DURAFLEX To read more, visit