Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 88

colour CLEARVIEW EXCLUSIVE Follow the multicoloured brick road As the market for colour continues to grow so does the opportunities it provides for installers. Ian Cowling, sales director at East Anglia based trade fabricator Pyramid Windows, explains to Clearview how colour can help PVCu installers find new routes to market… Domestic Market Commercial Market Demand for colour has boomed in the domestic market in recent years. Homeowners are more aware of the alternative colour options available and are often choosing them ahead of standard white PVCu. The majority of colours chosen by homeowners are subtle ones that complement the brickwork and existing colour schemes of their property, and installers that offer these are finding great success. Here at Pyramid Windows, we have noticed an increase in demand for light and pastel coloured frames. Our investment in two spray booths means we can offer installers colourbonded frames in any colour, helping them draw interest from style conscious consumers in the domestic market. Colour bonding aside, we use the Synseal Artisan range of coloured foils, which are available in 13 different colours ranging from light timber effects such as Irish Oak and AnTeak, to more contemporary colours such as Deep Red and Blue. The variety of colours available to choose from allows installers to appeal to a greater range of consumer tastes. Whilst some commercial buildings use futuristic greys or striking blacks to express a modern and professional appearance, buildings such as schools tend to use brighter, more playful colours such as red or yellow. To get ahead in this market, installers need to offer a diverse range of colours that are suited to a variety of project requirements. The RAL colour range is the perfect solution as it has over 1,900 colours to choose from, and encompasses every shade from punchy brights to sophisticated darks. At Pyramid we are able to colour PVCu frames inside and out in any of the RAL range, as well as colour matching. The colour-bonding process gives a soft sheen finish that rivals powder coated aluminium on appearance. This aesthetic appeal will help installers get their foot in the door of the commercial market as there is a need for a cheaper alternative to aluminium at a time when budgets are being squeezed across the industry. Heritage Market Timber is favoured in the heritage market due to its authenticity and traditional aesthetics. However, conservation officers are coming round to the benefits of modern PVCu windows, which is opening up new opportunities for PVCu installers in a normally timber dominated market. ‘Homeowners are more aware of the alternative colour options available and are often choosing them ahead of the strandard white PVCu’ Appearance is everything in this market, so to help installers gain an aesthetic edge over the competition we’ve developed a new finish that closely replicates the look of timber. Burnt Oak is an attractive dark brown finish that was developed in-house by our R&D team. It can make PVCu windows look wooden, and at the same time eliminating any maintenance problems that are associated with timber. This allows installers to offer the end-user a low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative to timber that doesn’t compromise on appearance. Burnt Oak is available across all window and doors frames, trims and door panels for a consistent finish that will help installers tap into the lucrative heritage market and win business at better margins. Pyramid Windows is a trade supplier of Synseal Shield and Synerjy windows and doors and Global conservatory roofs. Frames can be supplied as standard white, coloured using the Artisan range of foils or colour-bonded in any of the 1,900+ shades in the RAL range, allowing installers to stand out from the crowd and create fresh selling opportunities in the domestic, commercial and heritage markets. 88 THE MAY 2013 ISSUE SPONSORED BY DURAFLEX To read more, visit