Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 87

colour Get Creative with Resin Creative Resins has produced resins for decorative glass for the past 25 years, selling them worldwide. Its product range is immense including stained glass resin, laminating resins, crystallite resin bevels and now its own spray resin system. The Spraycoat resin can be applied to glass, wood for kitchen cabinet doors, aluminium and steel. These spray resins are guaranteed for a minimum of ten years internal (monolithic) and 10 years external (when laminated). There are over 18,000 colours available as well as sparkle, pearlescent, granite and metallic effects. Over the last couple of months new finishes include a leather effect, mirror spray and luminescent colours. The spray resins are touch dry in up to 15 minutes, totally dry in 24 hours and can be laminated in 72 hours. 10 square metres of glass takes approximately 20 minutes to spray so as you can see it is a very simple and quick process. The system is available as an in house starter kit or as a pre mixed system. The starter kit has all the necessary items needed to start spraying including the software, which determines all the recipes of how to mix the colours to produce a specified RAL, Pantone, Dulux or BS number as well as colours from Creative Resins own swatch box. As the resin is so easy to use, it can be sprayed in house and used for coloured glass partitions, curtain walling, spandrel glass, wet rooms, security glass that cannot usually be sandblasted, table tops, kitchen work surfaces – the list is endless. The spray resins are also ideal for signage as they can be used over a vinyl template to give a two-tone effect. The new mirror spray can turn float or toughened glass into mirror – it can be sprayed over templates, making it ideal for interior designers, and is simple and quick to use. For more information on Creative Resins products, please visit their website at www. where all details on the products are available as well as a gallery of photographs. Unique spray resins which can be sprayed onto glass to create splash backs, wet rooms, security glass, glass work tops, coloured partitions and bespoke work. Most RAL, Pantone, NCS and BS colours can be matched. Available as an in house system or as a pre mix colour matching service - coloured glass has never been easier. Special effects include granite, satin spray to look like sandblasted glass, pearls, sparkles, mirror, cobweb and luminous effects. The new spray mirror can turn any surface into a mirrored finish even when sprayed onto toughened glass. Contact Creative Resins for more details and a full colour brochure or visit Creative Resins Distribution Limited Tel: 01795 599880 email: sins Re To read more, visit THE MAY 2013 ISSUE SPONSORED BY DURAFLEX 87