Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 84

machinery Meet the new SMR-4 welder Haffner GB Ltd has just introduced the SMR-4 welder to the UK market. Dave Thomas, Haffner GB’s Managing Director said, “The unique thing about the SMR-4 is that you don’t need a skilled operator to ensure the fences are square and the transoms line up – even if the arrow head is slightly out, it still welds the transom at 90 degrees. This technological advance will help many fabricators improve and streamline their production practices.” The SMR-4 welder has all the quality engineering you would expect from Haffner GB and offers superb return on investment. And to make the investment even more costeffective, Haffner can take your old welder in part exchange, providing it is complete and in working order. The welder’s automatic head position offers other benefits apart from not needing a skilled o Ʌѽȸ%Ёͼ́ѡɔ́ȁ͕ЁՅɕ́ȁѽ̰ѼѡɽՍѥЁɕѕȸ=ѡȁѽѥɕ́ՑѽѥɅͽ̰ѽѥɹȁ́ѽѥɅͽձаݡݥɅѥѡɽՍѥɽ́ɕ͔Յ丁Qݕȁͼ́ɕɅѥɹȁѡɕՅɔݕ͍ɕݥ܁ѡЁ́ɽɕ́丁䰁ɽݸЁɵ́Ѽȁ͵Ʌ̰ѡɽՍѥѡ͔ՍͥȸͥѡݕѠ͕հɕ̰ѡፕЁمՔȁ䁅ѡѥѼЁ፡ѡM5HЁݕȁ́ݥѠѡЁɥѽ́ٔѼЁɽ!ȸɽɽ٥ѡɵѥԁѼɵ她ͥѼፕаɅɕ͔е́ͅЁѡЁɕ͕́܁хЁ䁥́Ѽȁ̰ͥ!ˊéɕхѥɕ́и%͡аѡM5HЁݕȁ́ѡəЁѥѡЁ́مՔѼȁͥ́ݥѠЁѡЁ́ѽQԀİԀ聑ٔѡɝլ((()Q!5d́%MMUMA=9M=I dUI1`()Qɕɔ٥ͥЁܹ٥ܵլ((0