Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 8

DOORS&WINDOWS A FIRST FOR WEST YORKSHIRE Eco Frame Windows in Bradford has become the first fabricator in West Yorkshire to start manufacturing in the new thermally efficient five chamber REHAU TOTAL70C profiles. The Company, which produces around 140 frames per week, says that the opportunity to differentiate its product range from its competitors was key to its decision to switch. Eco Frame had fabricated in the original REHAU TOTAL70C three chamber profiles since it was set up in 2010 but the introduction of the five chamber alternative last year prompted the Company to review its product offering. Managing Director James Shillingford says: “Using the new five chamber profiles, we can produce A rated windows more easily and cost effectively than previously and crucially we can offer our trade customers something new in REHAU. “We have been impressed by the ease of manufacturing and the performance of the new profiles and we’re starting our own marketing campaign to gain the maximum benefit from being the first with this new energy efficient solution.” Eco Frame Windows has been approved to use the BFRC SEL licence scheme to produce its own Window Energy Ratings labels for customers via the REHAU online thermal calculator at Web: A TOUCH OF FRENCH GREY Solidor continues to expand its colour range for composite doors with the introduction of French Grey, an incredible 16th internal and external option to its unprecedented collection. The vast majority of composite doors in the UK are manufactured from GRP door slabs imported from the Far East. These are not usually laminated, but stained and embossed in a limited range of colours, though rarely with the choice of different internal and external colours. The laminated composite doors from Solidor are manufactured with a window grade foil that’s designed to perfectly match the door frames in to which they sit. The 16 colours inside and out on the door slabs are complimented with the option of two outer frames, each boasting 9 colours and woodgrains inside and out. French Grey is the latest finish to be added by Solidor, which was launched in December and, with the new Mocha and Duck Egg Blue, this makes it 3 new colours during 2012. This new shade of grey is mixed with a little blue and red to create a softer and warmer classic finish, so it’s suitable for both traditional and more contemporary installations. Visit, call 01782 847300, e-mail, follow @solidorltd on Twitter or look them up on Facebook. INDUSTRY AWARD LAYS GROUNDWORK Setting the benchmark for sustainable manufacturing leadership has helped Eurocell secure a place in the finals of the Construction News Awards 2013. Eurocell, part of the Tessenderlo Group, has been shortlisted in the Sustainable Company of the Year category. The judging panel commended Eurocell for its £3m investment in enlarging its post-consumer PVC-U recycling operation as well as taking into consideration product performance and strategic direction of the company. Being shortlisted in this universally recognised in \H]\[[ܙX\H]\[\وHX[\X\ٙ\YH]\[\Y\\XH]XYY\[][\ˈ]\[\HۛHUH\[\\[HHܝ\Y[\YX\&\]\ H\[H\\YZ[YHY\]][ۈ[H\Z[XH]YܞH]HZ\وYܙY]H[\Y\[]ۋۜX[ۜ][[[HH[\وXX]YܞH][]\\[[۞H[ۙۈۈ L][KHY[[[\\\و L[[܈Y\\H[\H[ݙ\Y[ H[Z]Y[H]\[\Z[XHX[YX\[XY\\^[XܛH\[\]ۙ[ܘ[[Y\YXHXY[[\ݙH[\HYXY[H[][[ܙH]XXYH\[ۜ[Y\XXYUK]\[\[XYHYۚYX[Y[\[ Xۜ[Y\XX[[[ݘ]]H]X][Y[ [Y[H0H[\Y[[[\[]\\\KX\Y Xۜ[Y\XX[X[]KH\\[HR]H\X]H\\ L [ [ً[YH[[Y\\YZˈ]\[[XXH\[ ۛ\وUHXXYX\[  N H܈\]BH˙]\[ ˝Z‚HPVH LTQHӔԑQHTQVXY[ܙK\]˘X\Y]]Z˘B