Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 79

TSH 30 Expanding possibilities for modern windows. “ You can‘t have it that tall. There‘s no suitable hardware. Have you heard that one before? You’re not alone. Demand for larger, heavier windows is increasing. You need to specify larger glazed areas. Triple glazing may be required. The windows you require might be contemporary in style, or heritage replacements. Either way, you just want to stipulate height and width, without technical restrictions. That’s why we’ve introduced a brand new hardware system for casement windows. It’s called TSH 30. It blends the triedand-tested with the brand new. We’ve designed a new gearbox, a range of frame components and an ingenious new ventilation system. It’s tilt and turn style locking, on an outward-opening window. The possibilities are enormous. Now you can have locking on three sides of a sash. That’s not all. You can utilise our secure corner drives, specify our original Twincam extensions, and even add hooks. Low handle heights are easily achieved. Whichever specification you choose, your windows will have the security, durability and smoothness provided by the finest hardware in the world. Hardware that’s been used across the globe. For hurricane specifications in Florida, typhoon rated buildings in Korea and PassivHaus projects in Berlin. If you have the hinges to hold it ( like the Roto Designo hinges ), Roto TSH 30 can lock it. ” Also available, Roto TSH 10 is the only espagnolette that assures you complete customer satisfaction ... • Proven design with modern technology • Fit and forget maintenance free gearbox • The best corrosion protection • Extensive size range Roto Frank Roof Windows and Hardware Ltd. Swift Point Rugby CV21 1QH - United Kingdom Tel +44 (0)1788 55 86 00 Buy TSH 10 now direct online ! Window and Door Technology