Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 78

hardware&security Window Lock offers unique versatility The Stallion 3 is suitable for all applications from zero to 1300mm and fits PVC-U profiles or profiles with standard Eurogroove applications. Apart from the minimised inventory, one of the advantages of the one size fits all applications approach is the drastically reduced supply lead time, which will help installers to fulfil urgent projects. Other improvements to the Stallion 3 include increased security: there is a new multi-point locking action, an increased 20mm locking engagement and enhanced night vent security. Twin locking central lugs offer additional strength and security while there guaranteed centre and corner locking with every installation. Finally, the lock has been tested to BSI specified loads and provides improved lock engagement if the sash is jemmy attacked or flexed. The lock is quick to install, in part because the compact central gear box means minimal routing is required. In addition, off-set locking variants are easily achieved due to the lock’s intelligent design. The Stallion 3 includes stainless steel / composite corrosion resistant keeps and offers full corrosion resistance for ultimate performance. Proof of the quality of the lock is demonstrated in the 10 year mechanical and corrosion guarantee that it comes with. The Stallion 3 is the new generation of the iconic Stallion lock and looks set to continue the tradition of being one of the most respected locks on the market. The Trojan Group is about to launch its Stallion 3 Window Lock. The lock offers a wealth of benefits, as Tony Chadwick, Trojan Group’s Managing Director, explains, “The Stallion 3 has one rtworks x 7_Layout 1 02/05/2013 4:02 pm Page 2 price for all sizes, above 400mm, and a minimal product inventory because one size fits all applications, helping to free up cash for fabricators and installers’ businesses.” generate quality sales leads? Don’t worry, there’s another way... Always struggling to ...see page 54 for Tel: 01922 713 933, Email:, Website: the answer. Keen to get out and sell, but Don’t worry, there’s another way... always tied to production? Flex Threshold ...see page 54 for the answer. In future, a high-quality sliding door can be recognised not only by the fact that it is equipped with Roto Patio Life hardware, but also by the new, barrier-free Flex Threshold. If the builder requests it, wood or stone inlays can be included to make sure the threshold visually matches the window profiles or the floor. The new, thermally broken Flex Threshold is available for profile depths from IV 50 to IV 106. This means it can also be used with triple-glazed sliding doors. Thanks to its low overall height of 25 mm, the Flex Threshold also meets requirements for barrier-free construction. Aluminium and light-grey PVC components are combined to provide a discreet overall appearance. Flex Threshold can be mounted and sealed off on the finished flooring. The installation process is considerably simplified and accelerated by the detent, a gasket preinstalled in the adapter and assembly profiles. The positioning of the cover caps is made easy with screws. To fabricate or not to fabricate? Do you keep asking yourself the same old question? • Battling to control variable costs? • Getting a lot of pain but little profit? • Struggling with red tape and accreditations? to very flexible: The barrier-free Flex • Finding it hardflat, keep up with an ever Threshold Very attractive, very • changing market? developed especially for the Patio Life Lift&Slide door system is available for profile depths from IV 50 to IV 106 and can be decorated Need to get out and sell, but always tied with wood or stone inlays. to production? 78 THE MAY 2013 ISSUE SPONSORED BY DURAFLEX Sound familiar? To read more, visit