Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 76

hardware&security REACH THE MARKET YOU THOUGHT YOU NEVER COULD Distributed through a national network of over 200 trade counters and growing. Dis Na tribu tion ted ally ALIVE AND KICKING FIT Show 2013 was Carl F Groupco’s first opportunity to meet with the press since the merger of Carl F Petersen and Groupco. John Crittenden, Carl F Groupco Managing Director, explained the rationale behind the restructure… “We are keen to highlight the changing role of the traditional distributor. The distributor has had to evolve, but there is still a role: we are not dinosaurs and we are alive and kicking. “For over fifty years, Groupco had been a strong brand and Carl F had its own twenty year track record. In 2010, Groupco purchased Carl F Petersen and both management teams decided the best way forward was to merge the two organisations, take the best from each and make us stronger to grow and remain profitable in the difficult market conditions we all operate in recent times. “We knew it would be a challenging time, bringing two different cultures together. Perhaps two of the most discussed and debated issues were the name and where we would all live. “We settled on Carl F Groupco – it retained the legacy of the two existing strong brands and after considerable debate we invested in a three year old 2500 sqm, 12m eaves height warehouse and office in Peterborough, which gave us ample office and warehouse accommodation. We also continue to operate our warehouse in Scotland and Carl F direct continues to trade on the web. “We have always believed that it is people that have made us successful and we are proud that all the people that came from Carl F Groupco Peterborough (apart from a couple who did not return after maternity) are still with us. “We have invested in increasing the size of our internal sales team. It is not the time to make cuts; we strongly believe that our people build relationships with our customers that in reality se