Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 74

GLASS&SEAledunits Clearly the best for high performance IGU’s With the advent of next generation Low E glass like Guardian’s ClimaGuard A+ and the consistent growth of triple glazing in the market, the insulating glass units being manufactured and installed today far exceed the performance we had grown accustomed to. However, with vastly improved performance and energy efficiency there is sometimes a compromise. As our windows become more efficient less heat escapes through the glazing, the adverse effect of this is that the temperature of the outer pane doesn’t warm is one of the first anti external condensation glasses offering a solution to this problem. Guardian’s ClimaGuard Dry uses state of the art magnetron sputter coating technology to create a surface one coated glass, which insulates the outer pane when fabricated into double and triple glazed IGU’s. The coating helps to keep the glass temperature above the dew point whilst also helping to prevent the condensation from forming in the first place. For more information on ClimaGuard Dry please visit in the same way that it does in less efficient glazing. This means that the temperature of the outer pane can drop below the dew point causing the outer surface of the glass to condensate. Guardian’s ClimaGuard Dry FIT FOR SUCCESS For leading specialist glass processor, TuffX, the FIT Show in Telford, proved a very positive showground with many leads generated and substantial interest shown in all products across the Company’s portfolio. The revolutionary eco i-Panel took centre stage for the company at the Telford exhibition, with many visitors clearly impressed by the innovative insulated spandrel panel which combines aesthetics with exceptionally high performance, offering an insulation value as low as 0.17. The niche product for curtain walling projects offers installers a unique alternative, with an overall thickness of just 28mm that can be produced in most RAL colours and can be fitted directly into existing glazing systems. The company demonstrated numerous market leading products including the AmbiMax superlength, high performance glass units from the Ambience range for conservatory glass roof applications. The TuffX team was kept busy throughout the exhibition with existing and new customers who considered the show a viable arena to place orders. Graham Price, Managing Director at TuffX comments, “It was evident from the enquiries at the show that demand continues to increase for quality products that offer more dynamic design as well as cost efficient benefits.” Visit either or SURVEY SHOWS HOMEOWNERS MORE AWARE OF GLASS Glass is glass is glass? Not any more, say consumers according to a Saint-Gobain Glass survey carried out for its Planitherm brand, which reveals a dramatic upturn in homeowners’ awareness of glass types as a factor in choosing windows. In fact, the number of respondents recognising types of glass as important rose by one third in just two years, while those identifying the need for windows to keep in heat in has reached nearly 90%. However, two thirds of all those surveyed had no awareness of WERs until they were shown the rainbow label – even though 27% cited the need for more energy efficiency as the main factor in deciding to replace windows – and there was also widespread confusion over the Green Deal. The survey, based on over 1,000 online respondents as well as focus groups in the South East and North West of England in November, found that 73% said type of glass was important, as against only 54% in 2010. Similarly, the 2012 focus groups showed active interest in energy-efficient windows and glass as part of their purchasing decision, while most in 2010 had thought that “glass is just glass.” For more on Saint-Gobain visit In the recent Planitherm survey carried out by SGGUK half the consumers who recognised the Planitherm brand had become aware of it through the TV campaign and 13% recalled seeing the ads. 74 THE MAY 2013 ISSUE SPONSORED BY DURAFLEX To read more, visit