Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 73

ALUMINIUM Aluminium’s Stock Still Rising Justin Ratcliffe, CAB Chief Executive, tells Clearview magazine… The somewhat underwhelming news that the UK had avoided a further recessionary dip due to a 0.3% GDP growth in Q1 left us no nearer to knowing when a clear upturn will arrive. This was underlined by the fact that the construction sector shrank further, although anyone amongst the 6,000 odd visitors to the excellent FIT Show at Telford in April would have been forgiven for thinking that the Fenestration sector was not following overall construction trends. This viewpoint has been further strengthened by the results of CAB’s own state of the market findings, which in the latest quarter highlighted a net balance of respondents saying that there would be greater capital investment over the next 12 months in Property, Plant & Equipment, Customer Research, R & D and E-business than in the last 12 months. These results were also borne out by the mood of approaching 200 CAB members and guests at our first Regional Members’ Meeting of 2013 at Magna, Rotherham in March. As far as the aluminium in building sector is concerned, there continues to be an exciting upturn in the popularity of aluminium within the domestic sector, especially in high-rise apartments. Both here and in other niche market sectors there is clear evidence from specifiers, architects and the supply chain that the recent upgrading of aluminium’s generic profiles in the BRE Green Guide has made aluminium an even more attractive material to work with, now that powder coated Justin Ratcliffe CAB Chief Executive aluminium windows can achieve ‘A+’ ratings for commercial use and ‘A’ ratings for domestic use. There was further evidence at the FIT Show that an increasing number of fabricators wish to include aluminium within their product range, but also that a number of high profile fabricators have achieved spectacular growth in their relatively new aluminium divisions. Going back to the CAB survey, what is most exciting is that there is clear and substantial evidence that the sheer level of Research and Development that it appears will increase over the next 12 months can only provide further long term momentum for fabricators using aluminium and the supply chain in general. Unsurprisingly the feedback from the 14 CAB member companies exhibiting at the FIT Show was positive and the momentum that I believe will continue to gradually pick up (probably a lot faster in some niche sectors) was something I drew on in the CAB presentation at the show entitled ‘The benefits of using Aluminium in Building’. Key messages supporting the growth and popularity of aluminium included the phenomenal worldwide growth in aluminium recovery from 10 million tonnes in 2010 to 11 million tonnes in 2011 – a further reason to highlight aluminium as the 21st Century sustainable material. For more information on CAB, our activities and membership opportunities. Please contact me at justin.ratcliffe@c-a-b. or at the CAB Office on 01453 828851. To read more, visit THE MAY 2013 ISSUE SPONSORED BY DURAFLEX 73