Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 66

THEFITSHOWREVIEW CHOICES ON SHOW CWG Choices packed its stand at the FIT Show, with a number of different and exciting products, including several Kömmerling window and door systems including the industry’s first preview of the new AluStar casement window. An impressive 6 metre lift and slide PremiDoor took pride of place on the stand with some visitors even assuming it was a full aluminium product. There were also the C70 and O70 Gold systems on display and several innovative acoustic windows with double and triple glazing, achieving up to a 43dB reduction. Also on the stand was the existing Passivhaus certified KBE System 88 AluStar system, which can achieve U-values as low as 0.6 W/ m2k. Of particular interest and on display for the first time was the new AluStar 70mm casement system. This exciting new product gives all the benefits of a PVCU window, but has the clip on aluminium external flashing which can be powder coated in a near limitless number of RAL finishes. Jason Wilder and his team were on hand throughout the show and commented: “We had a great show picking up a number of good leads each day for a very wide range of products.” For further information on the Kömmerling product range at CWG Choices visit www., call 01536 271940 or follow @CWGChoices on Twitter. A SPECTACULAR SHOWING Taking front of house at the FIT Show was Solidor, who by even its own lofty expectations was staggered by the number and quality of leads generated and the response by customers to its unique products and newly launched Recommended Installer Scheme. It also became the first company to sign up for 2014. Solidor took over 350 quality leads during the show from all points of the UK and Ireland. Its stand featured a wide variety of designs from its standard range and Italia Collection while displaying all 17 colours that are available inside and out, including the launch of Rich Aubergine at the show, yet another industry first. Elsewhere on the stand was its ‘Knock, Knock’ test so that visitors could physically appreciate that Solidor products are based on a solid 48mm thick timber core, rather than a foam filled core. Solidor also displayed its impressive hardware range including its unique traditional ironmongery range. Gareth Mobley, managing director of Solidor Group comments: “Our products and Recommended Installer Scheme generated a huge amount of interest. Hats off to the organisers, visitors and fellow exhibitors.” Gareth Mobley of Solidor showing a visitor about the ‘Kno 66( FW7Bࠥf6Bwwr6ƖF"6V6s"Cs3"RVV&W46ƖF"6VR6fr6ƖF&FBGvGFW""FVWf6V&ࠤWr6FwVRV6V@6&bw&W6V6VBWrgV6W"6FwVRBFRdB6r#2vFfW"#vW2FR&W7FvW2&B&6VBB&VB&GV7B&VfW&V6R6W&6R6F2&GV7BƖW2v62FV&RFR6RbFR6( 2&WfW2F&V7F'VFr'&G2fVGW&VB6VFR6G7vB&6FV7GW&eT"gVWw&VVvBRV&646VvVBG&&GV7BFWfVVG2vƖvFVB'6&bw&W6BFRdB6r6VFVBFR5rFVW6626F&BW7vWGFRg&46VV7FVBf"G2VƗG&GV7G2fFfRFWfVVG2B&WWFFf"&VƖ&ƗG42W7WƖW"F&Gv&RF7G&'WF"6&bw&W6FRWr6FwVRB&GV7BFFF26f&6&bw&W6( 2FWfVVBFRT&Gv&R&WBB7W'BFR6( 26F2&fFW'2bR7F66W'f6R6F7B6&bw&W6Ɩ֗FVBFVâs323333f"&Rf&F6F7B6W46&fw&W66Vwwr6&fw&W66Vfr6&bw&W6GvGFW"W6rFRFR6&ew&W66&bw&W6Ɩ֗FVB7VW6W'B'F6WFvFRWFW&&&VvS"etࠣc`DR#255TR54$TB%EU$dUF&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р