Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 63

THEFITSHOWREVIEW Debuting at the FIT Show Exhibitors and visitors to the FIT Show got a big surprise when they saw Dex, the mascot of the online trade directory the Insight Index, wandering around the halls. “Dex is all grown up now so we thought we’d take him to the FIT Show and introduce him to some of the famous faces of the industry,” says Sonia Punter, sales manager at Insight Data Many amused onlookers grabbed photo opportunities with the cuddly character, with one spectator tweeting: “Hats off to the @ InsightIndex guys for bringing this fella to #fitshow !” “Over 50% of all internet searches are carried out on mobile devices so it made sense for us to launch an Index app that lets you access all the information you need anytime, anywhere,” explains Sonia. “Now suppliers can be connected to potential customers 24/7, offering them the ultimate sales and marketing opportunity.” To download the App, search the iPhone App store for ‘Insight Index’ or from your iPhone visit: app/insight-index/id592113433?mt=8&ls=1 Tel: 01934 808 293 Fax: 01934 625 027, E-mail: Dex with Andrew Scott (MD of Insight) and Matthew Glover Dex was at the show to promote the launch of the new iPhone app for the Insight Index that lets users instantly find industry related information, products and suppliers. Fabulous FIT Show Total Glass, one of the UK’s leading PVC-U and aluminium window and door fabri 6F'262FRdB6rv2w&VB7V66W72vVW&Frw&VBFVbVV&W2g&&FW7FrBFVF7W7FW'2F&VvWBFRF&VRF2f6F'2F&vVBFRW'6R'VB7FBv6F7VBFRFFv72ֆW6RVf7GW&VB&vRbv7V6f6F66FRF'26&6r#7GW26WfV6W"F27FW'2vW&R6GG&7FVB'FF( 2V֖V&fFrF'2W2FFFWr&GV7G27V62G&RvrBw&WvFR&fR2vV2FR6( 26&VV6fR7W7FW"7W'B6vW2FBVFVv&R'W6W727&W77vV6W2B&WFrvW"BFFv726VFVC( FRdB6rv2'&ƖBf"W2BvR6W'FǒvVB&RVG2FvRWV7FVBBv26W6VVB'GVGF6F6WvF7W7FW'2B7WƖW'2ƖRW2BW6VVFVBW"WV7FF2( 2Bv^( &RrF&WGW&WBV"( Рf"&Rf&F6F7BFFv72SSC#33"f6BFRvV'6FRBwwrFFv726ࠥD$TRD2DRDU0&F5tr66W2BvFrvFvWG2F7VBFRFW7Bv&FV&&bg&&Vf77FV2BFRdB6r6V"F6FbrFR&WBf"WFVFVBƗfr76R27F'FrFWffRFR66W'fF'2'V2FVBBr&RFWfW"FV"7V6f6F2&VrV6VBvFWrGW2b7V6Ɨ7Bv72WW&W2fVBf6W2B&GV7BWw&FW27V62Ɨf&6&6RB7FW'2vWfW"FRFW&W7BFRv&FV&&b2&VV&W76fRf"&FbFW6R'FB'FW'2b&Vf77FV2&Vf77FV227VB66FW&&RFRFWfVrFRv&FV&&bvFG27FW'2&W7VFr&GV7BFBBǒW6V2FV66ǒ'WB26FW6vVBF&RV6BV7F7F6FRFR667WƖVB66W'fF'&b7v6f6f"FRV6V7F277FV2&W6FV6R66W'fF'7GVrFV&VVBFW6vvF6&6RwWGFW"6&VBB7FW"7G26&2&&B6&26RF&V7F'2b&Vf77FV26VFVC( FW&^( 2FV'FrBv2w&VB6r( 6F7B&Vf77FV2#SBsRâVV&W4&Vf77FV26V"frGvGFW"&Vf77FV2ࠥF&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6РDR#255TR54$TB%EU$dUc0