Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 57

THEFITSHOWREVIEW TAKE UP STRONG AT FIT SHOW FOR REGISTERED INSTALLER SCHEME Although receiving one of the most thorough development programmes in the company’s history, launch exposure of the Synseal Registered Installer (SRI) scheme to installers at The FIT Show in April would be a major test of its validity in the real world. And presented to hundreds of installers during the three days of the event the feedback was entirely enthusiastic, the company reports, with numerous application forms signed there and then on the Synseal stand. The Scheme was officially launched at The FIT Show and response was very positive indeed, says Synseal’s Chief Executive David Leng, “We have carefully developed our Synseal Registered Installer business support programme, looking at what a few others have done quite well and also identifying some aspects that our rivals have poorly implemented in the past. We carried out online market research last year which confirmed that there was significant demand for Synseal to offer proactive support to installers. Using this feedback our aim was to put together the most comprehensive and effective installer scheme in the industry; at The FIT Show many visitors to our stand confirmed that is exactly what we have done.” Over 60 installers have applied for Synseal Registered Installer business support less than a week after its roll out at The FIT Show. Wowing the crowds at the FIT Show As everyone looks back on the FIT Show the general consensus was it proved a big success for everyone in attendance, particularly for data experts Insight Data who drew the crowds to its stand with the unveiling of their latest version of Salestracker. “The FIT Show was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with existing customers and show them Salestracker Live,” comments Sales Manager Sonia Punter. “We also met a lot of new people in the industry who were interested to find out how Insight can help them generate thousands of pounds in new business.” Insight showcased its full range of trade, commercial and new build databases, and enticed people to the stand with its “We’ve found them” campaign. “We’ve found thousands of opportunities for companies to take advantage of, and we heavily promoted this to let visitors know how easy it is for them find and win new business across a variety of industries using Salestracker Live,” comments Sonia. Salestracker Live combines all the best features of the current lead generating software enhanced with clever new technology to make it even easier for users to target new customers as well as manage existing ones. Tel: 01934 808 293, Fax: 01934 625 027, E-mail: New door becomes ‘installer magnet’ at the FIT Show “What a fantastic show,” says Danny Williams, MD of Pioneer Trading Company. “I don’t know about anyone else but we were run off our feet, helped by our New ]H܋X\[[[\XYۙ] ][Y\\H\HX[H[[\ܛ[H܈HYXHX\[HXH[[ۜ]H]HH[HYH^\][H]]H܈Y]X\]Z\HZ[]H܈YܙHH[H]8&\Y\[H[H\܋[H\H[[\[[\[\ۙ\&Y^HHKY܈[[H[]HH8&YH [&O[x&[H[[KYܜH8'H[\\[ۙKX]\HH]܈\]\[HKY[]\H^K]8&\\HHUܙ\X]\H[H[&]\X[\HH܋^HYYYH[[H] YH [\H\ܚ\[ۈ[[HYH]\]\ˈ]8&\\X\Y\ZH]H[\[\\[\\[[ ][\Y[Y]܈Y[ۙ\]8&\H܈]\[ۙH[[ 'B&H]܈\]\[HKY8&B˛]]Yܜ˘˝ZYHHYH [[X[ۋ[ LMH  H܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ܈۝X][\^H\Xۈ M ML ˂XY[ܙK\]˘X\Y]]Z˘BHPVH LTQHӔԑQHTQVM‚