Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 56

THEFITSHOWREVIEW New owner introduced at FIT Show Windowlink, creators of market leading design, sales and pricing software, introduced wellknown industry software expert Mark Dudley as its new owner at the FIT Show. Mark worked at Windowlink for 20 years before leaving to set up Whiteshill Systems, a specialist re-seller of Windowlink software. Mark recently acquired Windowlink from former owner Giles Hayhurst, taking over the company and its assets. The Whiteshill Systems brand will continue to service its existing customers, with the majority of customers being serviced by Windowlink. Mark comments: “When the opportunity arose to acquire Windowlink I couldn’t turn it down. The knowledge and experience I have gained over the past 28 years working with Windowlink software will ensure a seamless transition into my new role, and I am very much looking forward to spearheading a new era at the company.” Mark can certainly deem his first outing as Windowlink owner as a complete success. The FIT Show stand was a hive of activity, with fabricators and installers queuing up to see how Windowlink’s software innovations can help them improve conversion rates and quickly produce accurate quotations. Windowlink offers two software programmes, Vector for conservatories and Focus for windows and doors. Mark Dudley, new MD of Windowlink, at the FIT Show. For more information visit or call 0844 8541560. ‘The Visitors just kept coming!’ HOPPE, the manufacturer synonymous with innovation, quality and performance i \\H܈H[[܈[\]X\[Xܜ\XHHU][ܙHXY[[]Z\Y\[^H[]\]HYXY ]\[X[\[X\][X[Y\܈H܈[[]\[ۈ]H RH^Z[Έ8']HܙX]YH^\܈\[H]H^KU\\\H\ۙHوH\[\HH[[Y[X\ۛH[\]܈]X[]Y\][]X[]Hو\[Y\][[ˈ8'܈KH][\[X]\[\[ݘ]]H^[\][ۈXΈ\]\0\\\[\[ܛpHH[ XH\YۋY\Y]Z[\HY\[YHYHXX]ܜH[\\[\]HYY[YX\^[[ \H\[Hو[X[܈\][Hو\[Y[\H\\H[H[ݘ]]H]ZXY]\[KX[[\H[\H\Y]\[][ۈ[HX]\وXۙ]HX]H[XYH]YH܈\ H\\H\[X]\Yۈ]\[\[]H[Y[\ܛ\[\[[ۈܜ˸'B\]˚K˝Z܈[ NL   \\]]]UY]X H]X[^\[K\ܝ]HU[H]X[]H[]X[]Hو\]ܜ][\8&\\]]˸&HHQH][ۜ\\&\XHX\[\XY\[HYH^\\\Y\[X[[][ܙHX]H\ܛX[H\\X\[H[H[[ۙH\YHY]X8&\]X][\[Y[H]T\YYX\\[ [H[HܙX]܈XY[\][ۈ[Z\[[]\[\][ܙ\ۈH^H\X\\[HH^H]ܚH\H[YY[]\\X[X[\X][ۈ[\\[H^X][ۋ8'H[YHو[\\[Z&\X[[[H]][^\[\Y\X[ܙ\H\\[\][ۈ]\]YHXYHHۙH܈QHX[YX\\\^Z[ٙ'H܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈY]X8&\[Hو\HYHXK[   M ܈\]˙Y]XY˘˝Z˂&H NLXY&B[Hۙ\X[Y[\X܈[Y[Έ8'H NLXY\[U [[[HۜY\]\H\H\[X][H L QHX[YX\\[HR]\\[\ݙ\ NIHو\[X\]XHۂMHPVH LTQHӔԑQHTQVXY[ܙK\]˘X\Y]]Z˘B