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INDUSTRYNEWS Sustainability in the Face of Fire than would have been the case if it had observed only mandatory fire safety standards. It recommends 12 best practice processes that should be followed to ensure sustainability against fire. of this document is to distil some of those recommendations into a single publication to assist those who wish to contribute to sustainability through best practice in the fire safety design procedure. “It is hoped that the recommendations contained within the document will form the basis of a new fire safety rating within the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating system for buildings” The document will be out for open consultation for a three month period. Comments are invited from any interested organisations or individuals on the text, suggested additional text or on the document as a whole. All comments must be returned to the Fire Sector Federation on the official Comments Form by 25 July 2013. For further information, or to download ...see page Building Fire Safety and Sustainability in54 for the answer. Design and a Comments Form, visit The Technical Guidance Workstream of the Fire Sector Federation has released for open consultation a draft document on rtworks x 7_Layout 1 02/05/2013 4:02 pm Page 2 Fire Safety and Sustainability in Building Design. The document aims to encourage all those involved in the specification, planning, design and construction of fire safety in new buildings to think more widely than health and safety alone. Its intention is to help people to consider how to make a building sustainable in the face of fire and promote a low environmental impact. Fire Safety and Sustainability in Building Design explains that the ability of a building to avoid disproportionate damage in the event of a fire should be taken into account when considering its capacity to be sustainable and maintain a low environmental impact. Intended as a voluntary guide, the document is based on the principle that to be described as ‘sustainable against fire’, the constructed building must be able to demonstrate that, if it is involved in fire, it will have a lower environmental, economic and social impact ‘It’s aim is to help building design go beyond life safety measures and to consider life safety and the environment’ generate quality sales leads? Always struggling to Don’t worry, there’s another way... Explaining the philosophy of the document Workstream Chair Dave Sibert comments: “The Technical Guidance Workstream is pleased to release this document to the wider community for consultation. Its aim is to help building design go beyond life safety measures and to consider life safety and the environment. “While, a number of publications exist that give recommendations that go further than minimum fire safety standards, the purpose Keen to get out and sell, but Don’t worry, there’s another way... always tied to production? ...see page 54 for the answer. Green Deal interest continues to grow To fabricate or not to fabricate? 
 The latest figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) reveal that interest in the Green Deal is gathering pace. Since the scheme was launched in January there have been over 9,200 assessments lodged. The latest figures show that the number of assessments has dramatically picked up with 7,465 assessments lodged in March, a 331% increase from February’s figures. Commenting on the statistics, energy and climate change minister Greg Barker said: “It is clearly very early days but the latest figures on the Green Deal show that this new market is gathering real momentum. 9,268 Green Deal assessments taking place in just over two months is very encouraging and shows a genuine interest from consumers. “The number businesses getting on board Do you keep asking yourselfunderliningsame old question? steadily, the thatofthe Green Deal offers fantasticcontinues to rise new commercial • • • • • opportunities. 48 firms are now authorised as providers, with a further 831 registered to control variable costs? Battling to carry out installations and over a thousand individuals registered to offer assessments. Overall this is a really promising start for Getting a lot the Green Deal.” of pain but little profit? In addition to the encouraging figures, the Green Deal Finance Struggling with red tape and accreditations? Company (GDFC) has confirmed a £244 million funding package with DECC, the UK Green Investment Bank and other stakeholders. Finding it hard to keep up with an ever campaigns Commenting on the news, Richard Griffiths, policy and changing market? Building Council, said: “These new consultant at the UK Green statistics are encouraging. However, the real proof will be how many of Need to get out and sell, but always tied these assessments are ‘converted’ into installations.” to production? 48 THE MAY 2013 ISSUE SPONSORED BY DURAFLEX Sound familiar? To read more, visit