Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 34

INDUSTRYNEWS WISING UP TO ROGUE TRADERS BUT NON-THE-WISER ON GREEN DEAL A survey by Checkatrade. com, which provides access to qualified, vetted and monitored trades people, reveals on average Brits plan to splash out £4k on home improvements over the next 12 months. However, flash Londoners averaged nearly double at £8k, with the pennypinching Nottingham majority only willing to spend a measly £1k. When asked about primary improvement goals saving energy was a shockingly low priority, with just 5% of survey participants rating it as a primary improvement goal and a mere 9% planning to fit energy efficiency improvements such as double glazing. Interestingly though half said they did not know what the Green Deal was, a government scheme that allows homeowners to borrow money for energy improvements then pay off the loan through energy bill savings, clearly indicating some awareness issues. When it comes to choosing a tradesperson, the survey shows people are wising up to rogue traders. In Checkatrade. com’s annual 2011 homeowner survey just 5% said they would use a vetting service such as This figure has virtually quadrupled to 20% in 2013. In 2011 half said they would trust a word-of-mouth recommendation compared to three quarters in 2013. For more information visit celebrating 30 years Time flies when you’re having fun! So the saying goes and yes, it really is 30 years since Ashton Industrial started trading, from the early days of importing quality German machinery and materials, then into the initial design and manufacturing years when it specialised in Insulating Glass machinery. It wasn’t all fun of course, a lot of hard work and honest sweat was called for. There have been tough times liberally mixed in with the good. That’s where professionalism and an efficient, hardworking and a loyal team have shone. Many competitors, here and abroad, have suffered bankruptcy or severe downsizing in the same period. Innovative designs for new machinery, tailored to meet actual customer requests and needs, have seen Ashton Industrial weather all the storms. Today, ASHTON INDUSTRIAL is recognised within the flat glass industry as the undisputed worldwide leader in high-speed, fully-automatic arrissing (seaming) lines, and the latest robotic line which arrisses random shapes with no pre-programming or data transfer, is a perfect example. ‘The undisputed worldwide leader in high-speed, fully-automatic arrissing (seaming) lines’ So raise your glasses please Ladies and Gentlemen, and join in the celebration of ASHTON INDUSTRIAL’s success, past and future. Long may it continue… ‘Thriving at Ecobuild’ There was a danger of bad news fatigue overshadowing Ecobuild 2013 but the well-located CAB stand showed no signs of it at all. This was highlighted by the she