Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 32

INDUSTRYNEWS The 5 Golden Rules of Direct Marketing In the second of a series of marketing articles from Mike Bygrave, marketing manager at Roseview Windows, Mike shares his knowledge on what makes a good direct mail campaign. With many businesses turning to email marketing in order to win new customers, a lack of paper mail being sent out means there has never been a better time to focus on direct mail. Less competition means you can make a bigger impact with your campaign, but how do you get it noticed and responded to in the first place? Here are five steps you can take to create a good direct mail campaign: 1. Establish your target audience colours will help your campaign stand out and look professional. Once you capture your audience with an attention grabbing design you can then persuade them to respond with a sharp business message. 3. Choose a message and stick to it 5. Make it easy for the recipient to respond Before you start creating your campaign you first need to establish who you want to target as the design and message of your mailer will need to appeal to this audience. Research your target market. The tone of your campaign will be different when engaging with homeowners compared to those in the trade sector. You can tailor your campaign based on a range of factors such as area, age group, or even based on responses from previous mailers. 2. Create an eye-catching design You need to make it extremely clear to your audience why you are contacting them and what you want them to do. This can be making the audience aware of your company, providing them information on the latest products and services you have to offer, or tempting them with a promotional offer or giveaway. Once you have your business message stick to it. Nothing is worse than multiple messages confusing the recipient as more often than not they will simply throw your mailer in the bin and move on to the next one. 4. Provide an incentive Nothing will frustrate the recipient more than receiving a campaign that doesn’t have your contact details clearly printed on it. Even if they are interested enough to respond, without a number to call or a form to fill in chances are they won’t even bother. Each person will have their own preferred method of contact so make sure you offer a variety of ways for people to respond. This can be a number to call, an email address or an enquiry form, but whatever method you choose make sure it is easy to find. You should expect a 1-5% return rate on a direct mail campaign, so make sure you set your expectations accordingly. More than likely your campaign will not be the only post your target audience receives on any given day, so you need to make your mailer stand out from the rest. Keep the design striking, but simple; you don’t want to overwhelm people by having too much going on. Using quality imagery and complimentary Once the recipient has read your mailer you want them to respond. To do this you need a call to action. This can be a promotional offer or a money-off incentive if they respond within a certain time frame. But it can also be an intangible offer such as “Call now to find out how you can save time and cut costs”. These types of offers are just as good at grabbing the audience’s attention without having to offer discounts or freebies. Highlight the call to action, as the recipient’s eyes will often pick these out before reading the mailer. Roseview offers a marketing support to members of its ‘Installer Scheme.’ For more information call 0844 870 7178. An astounding 2,208 tonne carbon saving Minimising environmental impact has always been of the utmost importance to VEKA, and even though the Company already has a string of environmental awards under its belt, the system supplier is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to be as energy efficient as possible. This dedication has certainly paid off, as Sales and Marketing Director Colin Torley explains: “Since 2008, we have worked tirelessly to develop and introduce energy-saving measures that will massively reduce our carbon footprint. Through the implementation of these measures we have managed to save a massive 2208 tonnes of carbon from being emitted, something we are obviously very proud of. “Some of the changes we have made include switching our extrusion line motors from DC to AC, fitting variable speed compressors on air lines on all extrusion tables, as well as modifying cooling towers to give energy savings in water cooling. “We also implemented an energy management system, so we now have an instant record of the electricity each machine in the factory consumes, and we have enforced energy awareness training for all operatives in the factory.” VEKA plc, 01282 716611,, 32 THE MAY 2013 ISSUE SPONSORED BY DURAFLEX To read more, visit