Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 25

INDUSTRYNEWS A Successful Homebuild Show Visitors ignore weather forecast to visit stand It was another very successful Home Build & Renovating Show for Sika Roof Assured who claimed a record number of visitors to their stand in spite of the bad weather. Tony Poole, business development executive, Sika Roof Assured said: “The Thursday was a great day for us but we were sceptical when we saw the weather forecast for the next few days. We expected to see a real downturn in attendance but were amazed that visitors still turned out. I think it’s because the show offers such great value as an information provider and opportunity to talk to experts. It’s a must see for anyone embarking on a homebuild project. It was also excellent to see some people had come to the show SPECIFICALLY to see us. Visitors to the stand included architects, homeowners with current and future projects and those at planning stage. They came with plans under their arms and questions they wanted answered.” The show was a prequel to Sika Roof Assured launching a new image and brand campaign as part of its strategy to grow the domestic business. As part of the global Sika group of companies the brand is an important part of the UK portfolio and operates in a burgeoning sector for the UK roofing business. Rod Benson, national sales manager, Sika Roof Assured added: “ The show was good for brand building, for demonstrating our products and to get in front of homeowners to talk about their projects. It was also interesting to see how visitors viewed our Swiss heritage as an identifier of a quality product. They were also interested to hear how the Sarnafil membrane was used on a lot of commercial projects they vW&Rf֖Ɩ"vF7V62FRV֗&FW27FFV( fǒg&FR6&b77W&VB7FBFVFRfW&fVVƖrv3( f6F'2B&V&V7G2BW7BVG&V>( FVâc2s3cvV#wwr&f77W&VB6VࠤFRFV7W&P6VbGFr&ƖG0V7FBR֖WFRW72Fࠤf"g&VRFVEdBB&WFr6g&VWSCCf6ƗfF&ƖG26wwr6ƗfF&ƖG26&WF*3C0fV&RW6V'GVGf"Ud2vFrB66W'fF'6W06ƗB2FRFV7W&R6VbGFr&ƖBFBVFǒ6G26FRFR&V6W72bFRvFrFVƖ6FVǒVFVB66RbGvf'&72B6VV7FbWWG&6FW2FW6R&ƖG2VƖ֖FRV7W&rB7FF&W"67G2FffW"W"7W7FW'2ff&F&RvFrG&W76r6WFFWvfRRWr&F&R6W2'GVG67&Ww2G&Ɩr6G&6&G2FV7W&R6WFR6B6fWGfGFVBVFW"R֖WFRFVƗfW'vFBv&rF0&6W2g&Р6ƗN(J"2G&FR&W6VB'667&VVFBbfRR&VF֖7FW"'&7F%32U4BࠥF&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6РDR#255TR54$TB%EU$dU#P