Clearview North May 2013 - Issue 138 - Page 19

end us your next quotation and see how much ou can save - what have you got to lose? C70 Gold Georgian Bar O70 Gold Casement Horn watch your sales grow! Composite Doors C70 Gold Georgian Bar System Specification O70 Gold Casement Horn System Specification Lead free, 5 chamber profile with 100% recycled reinforcing Thermally efficient solid timber core Robust through colour thermo plastic skins Realistic wood grain effect or smooth finish Optional integral mobility access aluminium threshold System Specification Our Solidor range is an outstanding collection of unique solid laminate 48mm timber core composite doors that combine classical or modern styling with high security locking which provides a stunning, high quality and secure entrance to any home. These exclusive doors are available in a wide range of style and colour options and various low threshold options both UPVC and aluminium, making it the perfect solution for easy wheel or push chair access. Certified Sealed Units Our units are certified to ki є$µ…ɬ% L%8$ÄÈÜäèȸ)-4$äØÔÀÜ() %MY%9L=810e=UH1i%9MM9Q%1L+Šˆ$ƒŠˆ$ƒŠˆ$ƒŠˆ$ƒŠˆ$ƒŠˆ$ƒŠˆ$ƒŠˆ$M•…±…¹Ñ́QÉ¥µÌ‘¡•Í¥Ù•ÌQ½½±Ì¥á¥¹Ì ±•…¹¥¹œ!…É‘Ý…É”I½½™±¥¹”()=A8()P()QI” ¥œ )Q<Q!()AU 1% ()P()QIH9P =TA8„<9=\()•„()±Ì((ÐÕµ´()QI%4)=ÕȁÁÉ¥”()=9M%1% €ÜÀÁP)=ÕȁÁÉ¥”()´€ÌÀÁ´=\!=10%PM==ÕȁÁÉ¥”(+ ŒØ¸àà)…¹‘̸܀؀Å (+ ŒÄ¸àà)ÍÑȁ½ÉÑ %¹‘ԁ¥…°(+ ŒÄ¸ÈÔ()±”م¥±…ˆ¥¸€Ô½±½ÕÉÌ()U¹¥Ð€ÌØ()5¥¹Ü((ÀÄÈÄ$Ø((ÈÐ$ÔÀÀ(($€¹™±…¥É܀Ä%ÝÝÜ()ɝ”A…ɬ°¼()¥¹‘½Ý̸()1…¹”¸4()…±•Ì½´%è%Ì()¥¹Ý½ÉÑ ()¥‘°€±]•ÍЁ4(($™±…¥ÉÜ()¥¹‘½Ý̸()½´()YIeQ!%9e=T9U9H=9I==()IEUMP Q1=UPYIeQ!%9e=T9=8=91%YId„((0