Clearview North July 2014 - Issue 152 - Page 90

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS SGG VIEWCLEAR: REDUCES EXTERNAL CONDENSATION - NOT PERFORMANCE Saint-Gobain Glass has taken another major step forward in glass coating technology with the launch of SGGViewclear – offering strong anticondensation protection and best in class WERS performance. SGGViewclear is an innovative coating deposited through state of the art magnetron coating sputter technology. The coating is designed to keep the external glass pane temperature above the dew point, helping to prevent condensation from forming. The result is a high-performance glazing solution that maintains excellent visibility through the window by significantly reducing the number of days affected by condensation. SGGViewclear has a unique position in the market having been designed so that fabricators and installers can sell the benefits of an anti-condensation solution but also maintain strong thermal performance. This is achieved by minimising the solar heat degradation arising from a coating on face 1 of the IGU. SGGViewclear is positioned on the external surface of an insulating glass unit, either double or triple, where it can be combined with a high-performance SGGPlanitherm Low-E coating to achieve superior thermal performance. Smart Glass now available from Direct Trade Doncaster based fabricator Direct Trade has upgraded its conservatory package offering to include Smart Glass, the new high performance roof glass., which comes in four colours – Neutral Blue, Aqua and Bronze – and two specifications for each colour. One of the key benefits of Smart Glass is its ability to control and manage the level of light and UV radiation. Special metallic coatings are built up in microscopic layers on the glass, and by tailoring the best combination of these, desirable elements are allowed to pass through the glass, whilst undesirable elements are filtered out or reflected back. Smart Glass comes with true self-cleaning technology - an invisible dual action coating to the outer face, which first acts by using the ultra-violet energy in ordinary daylight to break down organic dirt. Water droplets are unable to form on this glass. Instead, water ‘sheets’ down the glass, carrying the dirt with it. ‘self-cleaning technology’ along with a choice of Veka Halo’s System 10 or Rustique windows and doors. Direct Trade offer complete conservatory packages with either the Global or Ultraframe roof Call 0800 288 8828 or visit Two or Three is Easy with Systems Glass As the Triple Glazing issue hots up in our industry media, Systems Glass, the toughened safety glass and high performance sealed unit manufacturer, is pleased to be able to support customers whether it’s double or triple glazed sealed units they need. “The debate about triple glazing is centring around whether or not the majority of units produced will be triple glazed instead of double, any time soon,” says Paul Naylor, Director of Systems Glass, “but we already service a good number of sealed unit manufacturers that are asking for both. Particularly now we have moved into new 90 JUL 2014 premises with a fully automated Lisec machine, we can easily up our production of triple glazed units if required. Systems Glass has always strived to provide customers with everything they need, which is why we offer a range of glass, argon or krypton gas and a choice of warm edge technology in all of our units. Most glass companies stick to one unit specification but we understand that customers may want different glass or WET types depending on personal preference. or call 01942 211197 To read more, visit