Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 84

REPAIRS&MAINTENANCE Does austere mean repair? The UK’s Door and Window industry has been suffering in recent years. That’s no surprise: the economic downturn, cut backs to social housing developments and the discretional nature of private housing improvements have all played their part. It’s tough, but are there still opportunities? James Fielder of Experwin Windows, an installation company from Bristol commented: “we’ve seen a real shift in our customer’s attitude. A large part of our work comes from private householders who simply can’t afford replacements at present. Customers’ motivation to replace their windows or doors is often driven by damage or failure and we have a noticed a real shift in their mindset.” Very often the hardware is the first to fail. Jammed doors, sticky windows, sagging handles and tarnished hinges all prompt householders to consider upgrading. What happens when they can’t afford to do so? window. But who did they call? Despite most installation companies having more experience than anyone else in the sector, very few carry out remedial repairs. There has been a gap in the market that a new breed of business has grown to fill. Alex Pugh, Marketing Executive at Duffells says: “Over the past 5 years we have seen an explosion in the number of specialised UPVC and multipoint locking repair companies on our books. Servicing a part of the industry that has been historically neglected, these repair companies offer a very specialised service to meet growing demand.” Estimates place the average life of a typical multipoint lock at 12 years – much shorter than the life of the door materials themselves. Furniture tarnishes quickly, friction stays are prone to accidental damage and espags seize and corrode. In an ideal world the customer would merrily place an order for a complete set of windows and doors but more often than not, they opt to repair the door and make do. Put the big bill off for when times are better. Window and door hardware normally comes with a warranty but consumers are often either unaware or unable to find the original installer. So a quick flick through the Yellow Pages or internet search and £200 lighter, the house owner has a working door or ‘there are lots of opportunities for installers that the locksmith industry cannot cater for’ For the most part, these specialist repair companies are former installers, or ex em VW2b7FW'2G&fV'FRFVBg&67VW'2F&W"&FW"F&W6SN( 2&Fǒw&vr&WBFR&VFW"bFR&WB26W'f6VB'66֗F2BvVW&FV6R6W2v7B66W2FVBBF&RWW'BF'2BvFw2( FRf'7B6FBW6RvW"vF7F6"VBUd2F"W22FFV"6Ud26( 62W2fVFW"( &Vf&RvR6rFRFVFvRvVB&WFVǒfF6fW'BVG2@7V'6WVVFǒGW&Fvv&ffW"b666֗F6W"7FFFW'FVB2v2&VV'W76vR&RV6'WBFW&R&RVWFW"FW2BvRFVBGW&rFv&fF&Rv&( ( &W6r&VBg&7F7F6vwFR"6VVBVFB6FW2֖WFW2BvRVWFR7W7FW"W"FF&6RvVFW&R6FFWw&FRW"6fW'6&FW2&R7WW&"&RgFVFBFR7W7FW"62FW"v&FBVVG26''rWBvR6FR( FW&R&RG2b'GVFW2f"7FW'2FBFR66֗FGW7G'6B6FW"f"֗7FVB6VVBVG2&RgFVfW&VB'VvW'2'WB&W6VBWG&'W6W72f"FR7FW"6''rWB&W"&WFrFR7W7FW.( 2FWF2W"FF&6R&fFW2'fW2GfFvW2f"gWGW&R'W6W72FR&W"GW7G'6( B7G&vFf'v&BBFW2&W6VB6VvW2&WVBf6G2&RVff6VBBFVFgrB&W6r#V"B62B&Gv&R2WfW"V7vWfW"7V6Ɨ7B7WƖW'2&R&RF7Wǒ7B&GV7G2#BW'2BvF2FW&FfW2&RWfVf&Rf"fW'BBF66FVVB&GV7G2bFW&V( CFVFR7W7FW"&VǒvVVBFBWrF"F2V"N( 2W7FFVBFBW7BVFW"R֖ƖVFB62v6RFFRVBbFV"ƖfRFN( 2vgVBbWrF'2'WBbFR7W7FW"6( BVFR7G&WF6FBf"66FW"FRFW"'GVFW2FB֖vB&Rf&Rࠣ@dT"#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р