Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 82

aluminium At the forefront of domestic shift The growth of aluminium windows and doors in the domestic sector, during the current recession, is a development that industry enthusiasts will look back on with interest in the years ahead. Gloucester based CDW Systems is at the forefront of the domestic growth of aluminium and recently worked together with Exeter based Aspect Windows on two ‘notable’ projects that illustrate the trend. Both were in the picturesque county of Devon and show how impressive aluminium windows and doors can look. As part of a construction of a timber house in Woodbury, CDW Systems supplied a For the construction of an ultra-modern home on the Budleigh Salterton coastline, CDW Systems Supplied a number of SAPA Dual frame 75 windows along with Sun fold SFK70 bi-folding doors which were installed with coolite solar control glazing. On the finished projects, Colin comments: “These were magnificent looking constructions when you consider they were in the domestic setting. They were both ultra-modern, ultra-sleek homes and the very best products; knowledge and service was necessary to make them so.” Call CDW Systems on 01452 414853 or visit Budleigh Salterton project number of SAPA Dual frame windows that were coloured to RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey. Getting commercial in Tower Hamlets Aluminium systems manufacturer Metal Technology has supplied its products to a £43m mixed tenure residential scheme in Commercial Road, East London. Comprising 215 private, 32 shared ownership and 72 rental units in five blocks ranging from four to 14 storeys, this gated scheme is on the site of a former council depot in one of the most desirable parts of Tower Hamlets. Built by main contractor Higgins Construction PLC and designed by award-winning architects HTA, the scheme is conveniently close to the City and Canary Wharf. With sustainability at the heart of the specification, Metal Technology provided its 100% recyclable System 5-20 thermally broken Tilt and Turn Window, System 5-20D Thermally Enhanced Doors and System 4-20 Thermally Broken Casement Window. All the specified systems have been designed to provide the advantages of polyamide thermal break technology in meeting the requirements of current building regulations with regard to structural integrity, weather performance, thermal enhancement and security. The intrinsic qualities of aluminium, its infinite recyclability, strength and lightness, durability and low maintenance qualities mean it is one of the most sustainable building materials that can be used. T: 028 9448 7777, sales@metaltechnology. com Tradelink goes the extra mile - by land & sea For many businesses, the logistics of trading on the island of Jersey whilst using mainland suppliers could prove problematic. But not for Millennium Windows and Conservatories which has been trading successfully there since 1998. A Tradelink customer for 13 years, Millennium provides a wide range of products to meet the needs of any cus FW""&V7B6VFrd2RF&W"BV֖VvFw2BF'3g&V6F6ƖFr&fBB7F&RF'3BVFGVFRb66W'fF&W2B&vW&W2֖VVF&V7F"&'W'&Vv26C( vRBFRf&W6vBV&ǒF66R7WƖW"FB6VBVWBW"vr'&B&GV7BBFW&&vRVVG2'WBFB66VBgFW"W226W&Frg&6BvRVVFVB7WƖW"FB6VB&W7BVFFVǒvRfR&VVv&rvFG&FVƖf"2V'2BbvRWfW"fR&&VB26'FVBWB7G&vBv6vR672FRV6GW&&VBB&W76RFRFW"7W7FW'2( ֖VV( 2&W76fRfVRb&GV7G226&VvW&RG27G&rf'&6F"'FW"2&fVBW76VF63SBcSscS"f6BwwrG&FVƖF&V7B6V dT"#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р