Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 81

A winning Hybrid door solution for the fabricator The 2013 Hybrid door range provides a unique, high-demand product ideally suited to both residential and commercial markets. 3 The original proven composite system 3 Sliding/Folding, Tilt/Slide and Lift/Slide door ranges 3 Energy efficient, low-maintenance and high performance 3 Perfect for new-build and refurbishment 3 No need for costly retooling for existing Senior fabricators 3 Matching window and curtain wall ranges 3 Sourced from PEFC certified sources Tel: 01709 772 600 E-mail: Web: * rs w! pril de ho 18 A or s 6ll he 0. 1 f a t t -32 of a nd 3 % ed t sta 10 ac s a pl isit u V