Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 70

GLASSEXTRA RISING TO THE GLOBAL CHALLENGE IN GLASS In the past decade, glass has become increasingly more important in the design and construction of new buildings and in refurbishment/ improvement projects – both in the domestic and commercial markets. As a result, companies involved in the glass industry continue to invest in research and development to create new glass product ranges that meet today’s many demanding requirements in terms of energy efficiency, performance, versatility, safety, fire resistance, privacy, maintenance, durability, and of course, aesthetics. It’s a lot to ask of any material: but glass has special advantages no other product can match, as seen in major international events such as glasstech. In 2012, despite continuing the economic problems, we saw many glass companies launch innovative products, invest in new plant, take advantage of the latest technology, sharpen up their customer service with faster turn-round times, better warranties - and generally rise to the challenge of increased competition across this important sector. In this Clearview special feature, we look at some of these exciting developments we continue to see in the world of glass. Guardian SunGuard chosen for London landmark The rejuvenation of 125 Old Broad Street, better known as the Stock Exchange Tower, has transformed an old building into a striking new landmark on London’s inonic skyline. The 26 storey tower in the heart of London was refurbished in July 2008. Designed by GMW Architects, the refurbishment saw a complete gutting out of the interior with all of the original services and the cladding systems removed and replaced with a new high performance glazed façade. Despite working on the original specification for the new façade, the final glass selection was secured by one of Guardian’s competitors. But in 2009, parties involved in the building refurbishment made the decision to re-glaze the entire project. Guardian was selected for the glass replacement with the original specification for heat treated glass on the outer pane, replaced with SunGuard High Selective SN 62/34 coated onto annealed laminate glass surface. Now 16,000m2 of Guardian SunGuard High Selective SN 62/34 LamiGlass covers the Stock Exchange Tower, ensuring exceptional energy efficiency combined with unspoilt views out of the building over London. Crafting the Beauty of Glass Images of classic British icons take centre stage in a new brochure from North Western Lead Co (Hyde) Ltd. Stunning replicas of Big Ben, a mounted guard, the Queen and a Red London Bus - created using decorative lead and film illustrate the brochure, which has been unveiled to showcase the Company’s impressive range of window leading products. Entitled ‘The Beauty of Glass’, the new 12-page brochure is dedicated to one of the widest collections of self-adhesive strip lead and self-adhesive colour film available in the industry. It includes NWL’s collection of coated and uncoated leads as well as the Company’s range of Coloured Film, which includes Decra Glow, Rainbow Film and Spectrum Film. The films are printed on high quality polyester film using top quality, fade resistant inks, which are then protected with a polyester laminate. NWL’s extensive suite of Decra Bevels and Decra Fused tiles, which bring a wealth of exciting design possibilities to plain glass, also feature in the brochure. The Company’s range of craft kits, which includes stained glass effect kits both for the beginner and the more experienced craft enthusiast, is showcased in the brochure alongside NWL’s large range of ancillary products. To obtain your copy of the brochure, please call NWL on 0161 368 4491. 70 FEB 2013 To read more, visit