Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 68

GLASSEXTRA HOW TO MAKE THE RIGHT IMPRESSION MEETING THE SINGLE PANEL DEMAND It is no wonder today’s architects and specifiers are demanding more from a single panel of glass than ever before. After all, ESG, which has firmly established itself as one of the UK’s leading digitally intelligent glass processors, has been busy reconciling what have traditionally been seen as mutually exclusive glass products. Following the launch of the largest sized privacy glass available in the UK, aptly known as ESG Switchable, the company has also witnessed an unprecedented demand for combining its privacy glass with other equally technically-impressive glass products. With the quality assurance and technical development team quick to meet the requirements of even the most complex of project briefs, 2012 showed the true versatility of ESG Switchable. Scott Sinden, Managing Director of ESG comments: “There was, and still continues to be an increasing requirement for security glass and privacy glass to be combined into a single panel offering. Add to that the ability to make a panel blast and fire resistant and sound attenuated, it is easy to see why digitally responsive glass products are now seen as much more than a design feature for the corporate environment.” In part, the necessary preoccupation with increased building security has accelerated the move towards all-encompassing glazing solutions. However, as Scott points out, “the deliberate move to increase the size of ESG’s privacy glass panels affords those specifying a greater degree of flexibility from a design point of view.” Those specifying enhanced security glass solutions have embraced the new products on offer, especially given the processor’s ability to combine any of glass products with the much talked about EN 356 and LPS 1270, the only two products of their kind to be approved by the Loss Prevention Certificate Board (LPCB). Both of these highly regarded security glass products are not only able to be made blast resistant, ballistic, sound attenuated and fire rated, but also ‘switchable’, making for an extremely secure glazing system. Over the last 12 months leading glass specialist TuffX has focused its marketing strategy by helping its customers to improve their business. Graham Price looks at some of the main focal points that have led to successful results for the Company and its customers. “To demonstrate the continuing evolution in roof glass technology it is vital to implement strategic marketing measures to help further educate the consumer in the merits of this specific market sector. Whilst we have made substantial investments in corporate branding and marketing tools in respect of the Ambience roof glass division, we believe that this gives us real opportunity to provide clarity and support for conservatory installers. During 2012 we launched a new marketing suite of products, to help our customers realise the significant opportunities delivered by differentiation through branding and consumer awareness. With the installation market being so fiercely competitive, it can be easy to lose a sale if that all important right first impression is not made. So, for installers, this now means becoming marketing specialists too, which can be disheartening, without real methods of support when approaching homeowners who want to consider all options open to them. When it comes to professional marketing and leaving the right lasting impression, having as many available tools as possible at your disposal to substantiate the product is essential. Equally it is important to ensure that the homeowner can quickly grasp the long term benefits that high performance conservatory roof glasses can offer. This can be a lot to absorb, so it is essential to leave concise information for them to review when making their final decision. As part of the support literature for customers, TuffX has developed a neat product guide that incorporates samples of the different coloured glasses from the Ambience range. Careful attention was placed on its design to draw the consumers’ attention to product detail. This incorporates four colour option glass samples in a compact wallet, with corresponding data included on each product. Specifications include information on performance values such as heat reflection and light transmission. The literature personalised and used by TuffX customers as an additional sales tool. For more information, visit the website For further information, visit 68 FEB 2013 To read more, visit