Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 60

INDUSTRYNEWS DHF ROADSHOW TO HELP MEET CE CHALLENGE With compulsory CE marking just weeks away, industrial door companies are invited to attend a roadshow to help them meet their legal obligations. It is being held by the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF), on Tuesday, February 12 at BRE in Watford. Attendance is free to DHF members. The cost of attendance is £100 per non DHF member which will be waived should delegates join the DHF. Following lunch, delegates can tour BRE’s testing facilities. All industrial door makers and suppliers will be legally obliged to CE mark every non-fire industrial and commercial door they place on the market. Failure to do so will be a criminal offence from July 1. Before a door company can CE mark its products, they must undergo testing in accordance with BS EN 13241-1:2003, implement a factory production control system, and issue Declarations of Performance. But DHF says that many non-member door companies have yet to start the CE marking process. ‘£100 per non DHF member’ The DHF has been guiding its members on CE marking ever since the July 1 deadline was first announced. As well as providing technical advice, the federation has been showing its members that CE mark compliance gives them the competitive edge in the market place. For further details, contact Kay Scattergood at the DHF Secretariat: 01827 52337; Fantastic feedback for seminars The VEKA UK Group has received such positive feedback for the industry seminars held in 2012 that the team is now considering hosting some more of these popular, informative events. Colin Torley, VEKA Sales and Marketing Director explains: “Hundreds of fabricators and installers, using profile systems of all types - not just VEKA and Halo - attended the four seminars hosted at football grounds across the UK. “We’ve had some extremely positive feedback about the seminars and how useful they were, so it looks likely that we will host further events of this kind in spring.” Each visitor was given a survey to complete, covering: the venues, the subjects discussed and the information given. One of the most popular aspects of the seminars was the introduction of VEKA and Halo’s personalised print portal - for creating completely individual marketing materials. The majority of attendees confirmed that they would definitely be using this personalisation facility in 2013. Nick Bastow from Northern Trade Windows rated Manchester’s Old Trafford 10 out of 10 as a venue, and described the seminars as “thorough and professional...more informative than previous 6V֖'2vfV'FW"7WƖW'>( ࠥdT2#"sccwwrfVV66W6VV'fV6РN( 2d"TrFR;fW&ƖrƖgBb6ƖFR&V֔F"26&Rb6RWG&&F'V7W&VVG2vFV666W2b2WG&W2vFR"RWG&W2vBFRFbfW"66W2FRg&R6V7F2cFVWBWG'VFVBFR6( 2&fVVBg&VRw&VVƖR6VBF2&WfWF'WrFF"2FW6vVBFWB&RƖvBFG6&fFrF"B2f&Rf&WGbFffW&VB6W'2Bf6W2FRWvǒ&VgW&&6VB6w&g&f"26v66Rf";fW&Ɩr&GV7G26VFrFRsvB77FV&V֔ƖRFF"WrWFW&vV&v&'2BFR&V֔F"f"2'VFr&W76fR&WWFFf"7Wǖr;fW&Ɩr&GV7G2BffW&rfF7F27W7FW"6W'f6RF&62F22FFFF7W'FrFR6&WBF&VvFRWrG&FR6VFW"7FW'2rF7vF6Ff"&R&֗6VBf'7B672&GV7G2W6VVB7W7FW"6W'f6RBg&VR6w&7W'B6vRࠤf"7F2&GV7G2fRW7BFFVB;fW&Ɩ~( 2&WfW&VBƖgBb6ƖFR&V֔F"FG2&W76fR&GV7B&vRBFV"Wvǒ&VgW&&6VB6w&֖v'FvW7B֖FG2ࠤf"gW'FW"f&FR66F7Bf"#c#BS"fR6W4f'vFw26РcdT"#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р