Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 56

INDUSTRYNEWS First Degree teams up with lean manufacturing consultant Window industry software specialists First Degree Systems have teamed up with renowned lean manufacturing consultant Bob Scott to help fabricators operate ‘leaner’ businesses. Together First Degree and Bob have produced the first ‘lean business guide’, a free resource which provides fabricators with useful information and advice on how to cut costs and improve efficiency across their production processes using dedicated software. Bob’s experience and knowledge in lean manufacturing meant he was an invaluable source of information for the guide. He became involved in window manufacturing processes in 1989 after establishing a need for an independent production specialist. Since then he has worked with some 200+ window companies and organisations in the UK, Europe and the USA, and has advised many of today’s most successful companies including Whiteline, Senator and Weatherglaze. He comments: “My job has been to help fabricators operate leaner businesses through advising them on their current production processes and factory lay-out to highlight any areas that could be improved to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Dynamic data & information on the shop floor has a major impact on improvements in lean production flow methods and the best way to achieve this is through the use of dedicated software. I would highly recommend First Degree software which can help with all aspects of a business from factory floor and order processing, to accounts and sales.” First Degree’s sales manager, Alan Bark, comments: “The market is very tough and more competitive than ever, which is why we have teamed up with an experienced lean manufacturing consultant and produced the guide. As fabricators will read, software from First Degree Systems can help fabricators cut costs and improve efficiency throughout their production line, helping them streamline their operations. I’m certain fabricators find the guide useful and if they would like a copy they should simply get in touch.” To receive a copy of the guide call First Degree Systems on 01283 808042. Contact Bob on or 07966 710552 GGF welcomes Consequential Improvements U-Turn The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has welcomed the recent Government announcement that its controversial Consequential Improvements (CI) plan will not be implemented in Building Regulations 2013 for England. The England part L consultation included a section on CI, meaning that if a property owner extended a building or even more controversially, installed replacement windows, additional energy-saving measures would need to be installed into the building. The GGF has held many meetings with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to explain why this would not work in practice and would, in fact, actually discourage homeowners from undertaking home improvements. A GREAT RESULT “Our objection to the proposal of Consequential Improvements was that property owners planning to make energy-saving measures were going to be forced to do more work when they were already set to reduce their building’s carbon foot print. We felt this proposed enforcement would deter homeowners from installing replacement windows in the first place because they would be forced to carry out more building work at more expense and inconvenience.” LOBBYING HAS PAID OFF Followi rFRRGW&V6VVBvV&VW2ttbw&W6VbWV7WFfR6VFVB( F22w&VB&W7VBBV6VBFRvfW&VBƗ7FVVBFW"66W&2B&WfW'6VBF2&6f"VvBࠤvW2v6ttbFWWG6VbWV7WFfRBF&V7F"bFV66ff'2FFVB( FRttb6V7FvFFRVFrbGvFW"GW7G'6V626FVW6ǐ&&VBvfW&VBF26G&fW'6&6BB2BfbvRvƖvFVBFR6W&6&62F'W6W76W2FBFRG&GV7Fb66WVVF&fVVG2vVBfR7W'&VBBFRVBFRvfW&VB2FR6V6&RFV66f"FRR&fVVB6W2VvB( F&VBFRgVw&GFV֖7FW&7FFVVB'6VFW26V7&WF'W&26W26vW2FFR'VFr&VwVF2֖"66WVVF&fVVG2VW&wVff6V7f6CwwrvbVvfW&VB7VV6W2֖"66WVVFƖ&fVVG2wwrvvb&rVS`dT"#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р