Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 54

INDUSTRYNEWS Years in the Making! Success in our industry is built on great products, achievable prices and the ability to develop excellent relationships with customers. A friendly and familiar face goes a long way to ensuring that your customer feels comfortable and confident when dealing with your company. This is something that Lister Trade Frames, of Stoke on Trent, firmly believe in. And they are quick to recognise the importance of a dedicated workforce as was proven last month when they hosted an impromptu celebration for the latest batch of employees to achieve 10 and 15 years of service.“Keeping a workforce happy and engaged is just as important to us as customer service because in our opinion the one feeds the other,” said Mark Warren, Managing Director. “If our staff is enthused then that impresses the customer which is good for our business.” ‘regularly ask for feedback’ With over 100 employees operating from their Stoke on Trent factory, the key to a happy and dedicated workforce is communication. “We value the opinion of every member of our team and regularly ask for feedback and suggestions on how we can improve,” commented Mark. Listers employees receiving their certificates for 10 and 15 years service., 01782 391900 Weed Out The Cowboys Sales Director of Exmouth Windows, Clare Morrish, is forthright about why the Company joined DGCOS. “We were sick of unscrupulous companies giving our industry a bad name, using high pressure sales tactics and over charging for their products or services,” says Clare. “We were frustrated with trade associations which seem to accept everyone who pays the subscription – that isn’t going to weed out the cowboys! So we applied to join DGCOS. It’s a big decision to put your Company forward for membership, as it would be a big kick in the teeth to be rejected, but we were confident that our reputation for quality and service, built up over 30 years, would be good enough. DGCOS performed numerous checks on our Company, which reassured us that the cowboys cannot get in and cash in on the scheme, and being accepted helped promote our standing as a high quality installer. “Protection for the customer and the installer is vitally important,” adds Clare. “DGCOS is the first proper organisation to give customers guaranteed peace of mind, while protecting members too.” Call 0845 053 8975 or email Leads2trade partners with Green Deal Consortia Leads2trade, the company behind the Trusted Local Suppliers network, is now officially partnered with The Green Deal Consortia, an association of businesses, Green Deal providers, utility companies, funders and investors who will be delivering the Green Deal. The founder of the organisation is Phyllis Prior-Boardman who helped set up the ‘Great Green Deal’ blog. Phyllis also sits on the DECC round table to shape GD policy for the small business sector and works closely with the GGF to raise awareness of GD opportunities. Leads2trade recently launched its TLS Green Deal Network to give SME installers access to Green Deal-funded work and equip them with the accreditations needed to carry out the work. Phyllis says: “The market potential is considerable for this industry, around six million households don’t have double glazing in all their windows, and there are enormous opportunities for the industry to diversify into other measures such as those relating to the fabric of a building.” Leads2trade’s video outlines what the Green Deal is, explains the company’s TLS Green Deal Network and how installers can benefit from it. View it at: http:// Check out Leads2Trade’s lead generation service works at: http://www.leads2trade. and 54 FEB 2013 To read more, visit