Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 26

DOORS&WINDOWS Leading the way for Green Deal registration Gloucestershire based Glevum has successfully completed the pilot registration process for the Green Deal through FENSA. This apparently makes the company the first to be FENSA Green Deal registered – though as the scheme is still to be fully launched to homeowners by the government, this is said to give no commercial advantage. The Green Deal is the government’s ‘flagship’ environment initiative, allowing homeowners to finance a range of energy saving home improvements, including the installation of energy efficient windows and doors, through future savings on their energy bills. Glevum managing director, Gary Jones, commented: “The FENSA Green Deal process was thorough and comprehensive, but because it was well-delivered, it was a painless process. Glevum registered through FENSA because of its deep understanding of the glazing industry and the quality and experience of its personnel.” Window and door installation companies can sign up for the Green Deal through FENSA whether they are already registered with the glazing competent person scheme or not. Companies can register for Green Deal window and door installing only, or, through FENSA Green Deal Multiple Measures (provided in partnership with the British Board of Agrement) a company can offer up to eight other domestic home insulation products ranging from roof insulation to cavity wall insulation. Glevum’s Gary Jones added: “We believe that the Green Deal ‘badge’ will be yet another point of difference between us and our competitors. The Green Deal will provide another way in which homeowners can finance new energy efficient windows. We also think that it will improve awareness and understanding of the relative benefits of energy efficient home improvements. “We would wholeheartedly recommend that any glazing or door installation company considering becoming Green Deal accredited, should sign up through FENSA.” FENSA operations director, Chris Mayne, added: “FENSA would like to thank Glevum for going through this process and helping me and the team to make it as efficient and easy as possible. Glevum has helped the glazing industry to take up the Green Deal challenge and to eventually benefit from the business that it generates. FENSA will be signing up installers from January for either Green Deal window and door installing, or FENSA Multiple Measures. We will be publishing a full Green Deal Guide in the New Year – and advising all FENSA registered businesses by email when this is available on the website.” To register interest in signing up for Green Deal through FENSA or for further information please telephone 020 7645 3700 or email DEKURA REFOCUSES TO MEET INCREASED IN-HOUSE DEMAND Dekura, Epwin’s recycling arm, has been reorganised to meet increased in-house demand. “Recycling has never been more important to us and in our systems thinking approach to sustainability,” says David Wrigley, MD of Epwin’s window systems division, which Profile 22, Patiomaster, Swish Windows and Doors, and now Spectus, brands. “With an increasing amount of our system design incorporating recycled product we were already seeing in house demand moving upwards; with the arrival of Spectus into our portfolio, including their Eco spec recycled system, demand significantly increased. “We deliberately tried to find other external customers in nonwindow markets in 2010 and 2011. Now with our in-house demand rising we recognised we needed to refocus Dekura on our own needs by looking at the business model and changing how we collected both post-industrial and post-consumer waste - and how we flexed production within our recycling capacity. That was completed in the final quarter of 2012. “Using recycled product makes sense,” he said. “It demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. Apart from an alternative to landfill, the carbon footprint in manufacture of an extruded product using recycled material is just 6% of a virgin alternative. Industry regulators and specifiers now recognise that sustainably sourced products are the way forward for the built environment; that’s why we went down the road of obtaining BS 6001, the Standard for Responsible Sourcing.” Profile 22 initiated the use of recycled material in reinforcement with its RCM range and then in 2011 the company launched its RECO 22 window range, made from 100% recycled post-consumer window waste which is then foiled on one side, giving the whole product a 98% recycled content. In 2013 it is still the only PVC-U window product on the British market that has been accredited with the BRE A Plus for domestic applications. The other important contribution that Dekura and recycled product make is supply chain stability. “Raw material prices have been stubbornly high since 2009 and in that year the industry also experienced re 6'FvW2bFR7Wǒb&W6FW&7G&Vb&V76VB&GV7BV2֗FvFRF6RWFVB&Fvf&vFW&67G2BFVF7Wǒ6'FvW2( w&vWWVB( vRv6W'Fǒ6VRWr&GV7G26'&Fr&V76VBFW&6֖rWBbFRWv7F&R62w&vW( 7W7F&ƗG6( BfB'&F2&VB'7FGWFRF&VGV6RG24"V֗762g&FV"WfV2'#R'##BR'#SW"77FV2&62F֖֗6Rv7FR֖֗6R6&&fG&BB֗6R&V76&ƗGv7BW6r7W7F&RFW&2W"&6W72FVW&B&V76Ɩr&RW'G2bFB&6( wwrFVW&6V#`dT"#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р