Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 22

DOORS&WINDOWS Offering More Choice Lancashire Trade Frames are the latest high profile fabricator to take on board Kömmerling’s range of premium, highly energy efficient and lead-free window and door systems. The Manchester-based fabricator has introduced Kömmerling’s O70 Gold ovolo window and door system, which sits alongside other products within the range from Lancashire Trade Frames. The Company will be offering a wide range of colours from stock in the new system with a short 5-day lead time including whitewood, cream, Chartwell Green, black, rosewood, light oak and Irish Oak. There has been considerable investment at Lancashire Trade Frames over the years with its machinery partner, Promac Group and the Company has put the processes in place to achieve BBA Certification and ISO 9001:2000/2008 certification. John Anthony, sales and marketing manager of Lancashire Trade Frames concludes: ‘The introduction of Kömmerling is an important milestone for us as a business. Its premium products are very well respected and I’m sure our customers will be thrilled at the additional sales opportunities this will provide them.’ For Lancashire Trade Frames call 0161 762 5800, e-mail or visit For Kömmerling call 01543 444900, e-mail or visit to From left to right: Dave Reay of Kömmerling with John Anthony of Lancashire Trade Frames. Halo’s new portal opens doors for fabricators & installers Fabricators and installers of the VEKA brand Halo – one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of energy efficient doors, windows and fenestration packages – can now design their own range of bespoke marketing products at a fraction of the cost. As part of its comprehensive marketing support, Halo has developed a marketing portal it calls the ‘marketing toolkit’ that allows fabricators and installers to adapt templates to suit their own requirements by choosing their own images, text and discounts. Whether it is a brochure or a mailer, an advert or a drop card, there is a template to suit every need and, because Halo has commissioned all the design work upfront, the cost is kept to a minimum. Swift and intuitive to operate, this online marketing tool enables the installer or fabricator to personalize every single page so they can add in their company history, special offers, glazing options, finance, WERs, colour options, and points of differentiation such as awards. Once the client is satisfied with the resulting design they simply click on the “order” button and decide the quantities they require and the price is calculated. Orders are dispatched within 72 hours, so that clients can react swiftly to market conditions and opportunities as they arise, w WFW"FB2W'2F&WfW27W7FW'2"G&6&G2f"W2V"''G2B'W7&G2vW&R6R&VGV7FvVB&R&&GF2v2&RFW6RG2v'WrvW"BFvFWW&V6RF7W'BG27W7FW'2vFFRvW7BVƗGb&FVB&WFrGFW"B&V6&R67BF2FFfRFV7G&FW2FR6( 26FVr6֗FVBFG26ƖVFVRW6rFRFW7BFV6wBG2vV6֖W2b66RFFVƗfW"FFVBfVRf"7W7FW'2FR62v2VBFB6W'f6RB7W'BW7B6VVBfFfRGW7G'VFr&GV7G2B&WFrFFfW27V62FR( &WFrFƶN( 6Bw6FRFW"VVVG2b7W7FW"7W'B6VFrf6RrFƖrFV664BG&vrBg&7G'V7GW&RࠧwwrV6Р# dT"#0F&VB&Rf6Bwwr6V'fWrV6Р