Clearview North Feb 2013 - Issue 135 - Page 13

INVEST IN FRESH With Loggia there’s a juicy slice of the market for you... Whatever slice of the market you are aiming at, there’s a Loggia solution for you and your customers. Loggia is perfect for new conservatories, refurbishment and the wider home extension segment – adding style and functionality to even the smallest and simplest conservatories and yet through options like LivinRoom, Cornice and its own integrated electric heaters it creates the best room in the house. Without question, Loggia will increase your sales revenue and conversion rates. So, get fresh. Get Loggia. To get a comprehensive information pack, book a product familiarisation course or to find out more, contact Mark Hanson on 01200 452375 or visit l 16 - 18th APRIL 2013